Sunday, November 29, 2009

1st Week @ Kuantan

I've been back at Kuantan for almost a week now...
But I've done nothing - absolutely nothing. All I do is just eat, sleep, online, PS2, outing, and toilet businesses. Crap... So much for 10 hours of study a day huh?

I'm seriously lifeless now...
One of the worst thing about being back here - the environment. My mum nags and nags about everything all day long, my sis will go against me most of the time and dad's too commanding. I have to listen to all of them. Who gonna listen to me?

Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm away from Kuantan for quite some time.
Recently my family signed up for a massage package at Sano, a new massage center in town. Mom told me to go for check-up there. Why not? So, we went there at 7pm today.

I went in to the room and let the guy check my bones.
He started to like pinch the back of my neck and go all the way down to my coccyx... He said... My neck and collar bones are in good condition, my upper backbones are bent - got problems with my lungs, my lower backbones are dislocated - something wrong with the stomach and my legs are slightly unbalanced in length...

So, the massage guy(yeah, a GUY) started to "tune" my bones...
He cracks every bit of my bones. It hurts... T__T He used some kinda oilment to massage my back. Now my body is sticky and I can't take bath... GREAT...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Outing with Kuantan Buddies

Its my first time driving alone at night while its raining!!!
At first, I thought mum and dad will never let me drive but after asking politely, they agreed to let me drive under one condition - the car must reach home by 12am. Its better than nothing. x)

Initially there were 5 of us all together.
Cho, Weng Seon, Li Ann, Yi Hui and me. But then Yi Hui could not make it because it was raining and the time for the outing was too late for her - she sleeps at 11pm, outing at 10pm. So, left the 4 of us.

We went to Kemaman Kopitiam because it is not found in KL.
I went to fetch Li Ann at her home. First time fetching someone other than my family member... Haha^^

It's been quite long I've not come out with them.
Cho and Sean have not changed much. But surprisingly, Li Ann changed a lot... She used to be stern and serious to the max. Now she's wacky, funny, easy going, kinda act cute and so much more hyperactive! I feel its much more easier and comfortable when she's around now compared to how it used to be.

We lepaked at KK till 11.50pm. Going to have another outing at ECM tomorrow^^

<~#The 'Wacky' Ann#~>

First Time @ Johor

22nd Nov 09, my first time to set foot on Johor soil.
I went there with my eldest bro, Simon and sis, Samantha. My bro came to KL to fetch me as it is my break already. He was en route to Bukit Tinggi to exchange car with his colleague. He was driving his boss' car(Innova) and changed to his company car(Hilux).

I wasn't excited at all to travel to Johor actually speaking.
Well, its true that I've never been there. But I'm very sure that Bukit Tinggi is some kinda "ulu" place which is very very dull and boring... And its true! The original plan was to travel from KL to BT at 12pm and reach there by 2pm, change the car then travel straight back to Kuantan. Most of the time, plans don't really go as planned. At 10am, Simon's colleague called and said that he's only free by 8pm.

Change of plan, leave KL at 5pm.
So, we decided to go "gai gai" at 1U. Bad idea!!! Both Simon and I were not very sure how to go there... We started off from Jalan Genting-Klang and go all the way to Bangsar just to go around and around then lost at some where in Damansara. The whole journey taken us 2 and 1/2 hours... We eventually given up on finding 1U. It took us around 1 hour to get back to Bukit Bintang. We ate there and walked around Sungei Wang Plaza till 6.30pm.

Bad traffic = bad day!!!
We were stuck in the middle of the traffic for 30 mins at the exit to the highway from Bukit Bintang. Initial time traveling to Johor - 7.00pm. We manage to reach there at 9.30pm and paid more than 40 bucks for the toll! Got butchered... T__T

Simon said that he was too tired to drive.
So, we stayed at a cheap hotel for a night. The worst thing is... No internet connections!!! We went for supper at the nearby hawker stall. One thing about Johor, their food are great! I had 2 "dau sar pau", 1 chicken wing, 1/2 plate of "kang kung" cuttle fish and 4 pieces of smoked "otak-otak"... Super filling!!! x) We went back and sleep at 12am.

Woke up at 12pm the next day.
We went for breakfast and left at 1pm. The whole journey back to Kuantan is seriously boring. Since I've slept for so many hours, I'm fresh during the whole journey. The only thing I see is... Oil palm trees, oil palm trees and more oil palm trees... My phone was frequently out of network coverage... I will follow you... Kononnya... >.< Reached Kuantan at 5pm. Its been raining since then till now...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Outing with Judith-19/11/09

Just went out with a rather surprising person just now.
Yep, she's Judith Lim. I knew her since form 4 but didn't really contacted her for the pass 2 years(almost). We met during the 2007 National Parade.

Then during last month, on a dull night, I suddenly got a message from an unknown number.
You guess it right, its from her. Then we started to chat, not remembering who each other really are... We chat almost everyday.

Today she suddenly say she wanna come to Wangsa Maju.
So, she asked me to accompany her. She was so blur that she didn't even know how to come to Wangsa Maju... LoL... We spent around 3 hours together at Jusco before she went back to Kelana. She came all the way just to buy a sharpener, a file and a box of eyelashes... =..="...

Gonna be her tour guide again tomorrow...

Sem 1, DONE!

Today is the last day of my 1st Semester of Cambridge A-Level at TARC.
6 months just passed like flowing water and so many things happened. I'm really happy that it wasn't a mistake coming to TARC. I was really surprised by the level of quality here - not like the shitty college that those "38" aunties talk about every morning in the wet market. They don't know a thing bout our college. Yeah, there's many case that happened here. But that was the past. And how the college can manage to control thousands of students?

At first, I never wanted to go to the college.
I'm gonna be alone and there's so many rumors about the college. My first choice was to study at Inti Nilai... But after talking to my parents and my bro, I came here just because of the full scholarship that I'm gonna get.

The first day seriously sucks.
I went to the college with my parents. I know not a single soul there and sat at the lecture hall. I am so surprised to see some of the students dressed in such fashion that I describes as "bunch of buffoons" - shorts with tee and slippers or a few layers of shirts with pants that have strips that are apparently useless like toilet rolls out of order and shoes with untied strings dangling. First thing in mind, this is the people who are actually wanting to take A-level??? That very same day, I know only one new friend - Ho Fong Foo. A jolly nice guy I must say...

Then, I got into the class of SN10e which is described as the secondary class.
That pissed me off even worst. One of the lecturers told me that I can transfer to the "scholarship class" but I rejected the offer because I didn't want to compete with those brainiacs and do well in my class instead.

Slowly, I got closer and closer to my classmates and lecture-mates.
The first few person that I got close to was Marquez, Arnold, Sarayu, Yen Yee and Terence. I wasn't close with the others till after our first break. I've come to know:
> Li Jin and Ivy because of the area we stay,
> Kevin and Wye Kik through basketball,
> Aaron, Tze Jian and Joel through common interest - football,
> Mun Hong and co through crap talks,
Peng Keat because of same hometown,
> the rest of the class throughout the time we're together.
And of course a few of the people who're not in my class or lecture including my bruder(Ah Theng), hot and spicy(Hao Deng), Pei Chin, Kenny, Huat and few others. The lecturers as well - Mr.Foo, Mr.David Loh, Ms. Chin, Ms. Tong, Ms. Joanna, Ms. Ong and Ms. Chua.

We went through many things together and shared so much time together.
They really made the time pass much faster than expected. You guys really rocks! Gonna miss you guys even its for around 1 and 1/2 month. Can't wait for 2nd semester to come!


Monday, November 16, 2009

What The.... Weather!!!

I don't know what is happening in this recent week...
Every time I wanna play basketball, it RAINS. When I'm not playing, it is CLEAR BLUE SKY!!! Dang... I've confirmed this by means of an experiment(on last Thursday and today). Both days were rainy days and on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, it were the perfect days for outdoor sports. =..="...

It happens when I'm doing my laundry too!
It had been twice when I'm done washing my clothes(its actually the washing machine that does the job), I slide open the balcony door and the Heavens open. I had to keep all the clothes in the bucket for a few hours. If it turns smelly, I gotta wash the all over again... Waste my time... >.<

Today is the worst rainy day I've experienced at TARC.
It started to rain during our Bio practical as usual. Practical ends at 3.30p.m. and the freaking bus to my condo leaves at 3.15p.m. The next bus leaves at 4.30p.m. So, I went to Canteen 2 to have lunch. On the way, I saw Piak Lin(aka Ah Piak) and we went there together. I took my Star newspapers from the SAD and left it on the table where I'm suppose to sit along with my bags before going to buy food from the stall. I came back in less than 10 minutes and guess what? My newspapers were missing!!! What the... &%$^!!! Which freaking stingy idiot took it???

I didn't care much because I can consider it as donating to the beggars.
With exception that this one steals, not begs. At least beggars will say "thanks". Come to think of it, the person who took my newspapers are WORST than a lowly scavenger. Well, what is lost is lost. By the time I was finished with my lunch, the rain got heavier - not a good sign.

Seriously, I feel that the college needs a better drainage system.
Despite enlarging the drain near the uphill part to the car park, the rain water keep flushing down to the canteen! My shoe sole is about 1.5 inch and in cant see my shoe under the rain water. Plus, our college just got a bigger pool than the Olympic sized pool at the clubhouse - introducing... THE FLOODED FOOTBALL FIELD!

The worst part of rainy days - everything is WET!!!
My AND1 basketball shoes are WET, my sling bag is WET, my basketball bag is WET, my hoodie is WET, my shorts is WET, my hands are WET, my legs are WET, my socks are the worst - they are WET and SOGGY! So much for basketball for this week...

p.s: I'm not going to play basketball this week!!!

Shao Wen's Birthday Card

There, there... I'm back at why I does best!
Origami + Creativity = Shao Wen's Birthday Card
The last card I've made was like last year - helping Dom Dom and Allen to make cards for Eileen and Janey at NS camp. But this time is even worst. I have very very limited materials. All I had was the red heavy paper (that's what the origami artists call them), the W, E and N wood pieces which Li Jin bought from the Craft Haven at 1U, 2 pieces of blank A4 papers and the hard paperback of my test pad... In other word, the card is made of 80% reused materials. But I think its pretty cool. Haha...

I've spent the whole night just to finish the card in time.
Approximately 7 hours. The card doesn't really looked that hard to make... Only if you know how to make it. And my ideas keep changing as more and more ideas will pop out in my brains. The original plan was to make a normal 90 degree pop-out card like all my previous cards. But all of the sudden I've come out with an idea to make a 180 degree pop-out card. It took some time to take shape as I was experimenting with my waste papers. After a few experiments, I came out with a prototype with can stand and is stable.

Its really exciting doing paper arts! ^^
I get to challenge myself to make more varieties and creative things. Its like making something out of nothing! Really enjoy it...

The front page, the W, E and N are wood pieces to create the 3-D effect.
The words are to describe briefly about Shao Wen:
The interior, center piece is the pop out ring of flower with the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" written beneath it. The ring was made with the flower drawn on a piece of blank A4 paper and glued onto the hard paperback and cut with knife and scissors. Then, it is held by 4 pieces of paper which enables it to pop up when the card is opened. Note the tiny hollow compartments. That is what that consumed the large amount of my time cause it needs precision...

Seriously, I like the flower very much!
I found the picture on the web (I've very limited time to think of my own design for everything) and copied it onto the paper. It really looks great after I've finished cutting all the petals out to make the hollow compartments. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the card... One that I can be proud of... x)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Korean Stuff^^

These are the stuff I've bought at the Korea store...

Sunflower seed cookies...

Coke zero... I think its more or less like Coke diet...

Korean rice biscuit.. Mom's will like this^^

We went to the Korean food fest and tested the Korean "Fuji" apples.
Its really big and juicy and crunchy... Then we filled up the survey form for the Apple Export Research Center of Korea and got a pretty nice book mark! =)
Tze Jian and Bo must be jealous! XP

1U Outting

Went to 1U with Kev, Li Jin, Teck Wei and Yi Wei yesterday!
It was my 2nd visit there, the 1st was with my NS buddies. Woke up early in the morning to get to the LRT station and take LRT to Kelana Jaya. Darn far weih... Its like from one end of the LRT Kelana Jaya line to the other end. Took us around 45 minutes to reach... Then, we took the RapidsKL U43 bus to 1U.

The first thing that came to mind or rather to stomach was the sound of a lion's growl.
We were all hungry! I didn't had the time to eat breakfast in the morning. So, we went food hunting... We scouted the whole 1st floor and ended up at Wong Kok Char Chan Tiang, a Hong Kong-based franchise. I wonder why I always end up eating at some Hong Kie restaurant when I come out with Li Jin... The food wasn't that bad but I ordered the wrong drink!!!

Teck Wei and Li Jin

Kev ordered Curry Udon and Xi Mut Milk Tea

My Nissin Soup with Beef Slice

This is the drink I've mentioned. It is Almond Tea that tasted like spoilt cough syrup with flour... =..="...

After lunch, we went to shop around.
Only Li Jin is doing all the shopping which evolves money... The rest of us just go around window-shopping... Haha... I wanted to buy a guitar when we stopped at the instrument shop. But after some thinking, I felt that I better buy one at Kuantan. Who knows if dad gonna pay for it.. XP

Yi Wei and Kev went to meet up with their friends at noon.
The three of us (Teck Wei, Li Jin and me) continued to search for Shao Wen's birthday present. We ended up at a gift shop, buying her a music box which cost 64 bucks... The most expensive birthday present I've received from friends up to now is less than 50 buck... =\

We stopped by at the Wild Channel shop to look around and a guy promoter approach us.
He was a smooth talker when we tried to convince us to buy a wallet. But too bad we aren't so easy to convince. I think he pissed Teck Wei off too. The first thing he said to Teck Wei was "I thought you were a primary school student". Then he asked her whether she is "local". Teck Wei answered this > I am Malaysian... Both Li Jin and I laughed like mad... XD

We had our dinner at Teriyaki.
I've ordered Beef Teriyaki... It was okay but the beef was a bit too dry... I still prefer the first ever Teriyaki that I had with my 2nd brother at Genting years ago. I wonder if the shop is still there.

We went to a Korean shop which sells all sort of Korean stuffs.
The lady owner was pure Korean. Luckily she speaks fluent English. If not, I gotta call BoBo for her help. Or Tze Jian... I bought a few things at there. We met up with Kev and Yi Wei when we wanted to go back to Wangsa Maju. We had to walk all the way from the new wing to the old wing then back again to take the bus. Darn tired... We reached Wangsa Maju LRT station at 9.20p.m. and took taxi back. Spent around 8-9 hours at 1U...

Friday, November 13, 2009

I survived~ ^^

Yeah yeah!!!
Got average above 60 and pass all papers for my Test 3! Helped dad save at least 3k...^^ It wasn't the best of results neither it is a solid one... My marks for all the papers:

Bio-80(A) First time get A!!! ^^
Chem-56(D) But still highest in the lecture... x)
Phy-41(E) Ngam ngam pass... =\
Maths-70(B) Below expectation... =(
GP-66(B) My essay got rusty... >.<

Overall mark 314. Average, 62.8.
Seriously, I gotta work real hard to retain my scholarship and if I ever wanna study at Cambridge, I must study at least 10 hours a day. Currently my progression gradient are and negative gradient.. I got average 69 in Test 1 and 63.3 in Test 2... Dang... Who says A-Level is easy?

I focused too much on my Chemistry till I've neglected my Maths and Physics.
I've lost at least 9 marks in Pure Maths for doing some dum stuff and 10 marks in Applied Maths. How can i see a + as -? And there's something wrong with my brains, 3 power of 2 is 8... =..="... Laziness to use the calculator caused me 3 marks... =\

Even though I'm 3rd in the class,
I'm not quite satisfied with my result. I know that I could have done very much better than this. Everyone can do so. But I was bit too lazy. After hearing that someone from SN10a can get 80+ for Chem, I feel really distress. I must get A for Chem in Test 4 next year. Show Mr. David Loh that we can do better than the smart asses!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally Got A for Bio!!!

After 3 Test, my Bio really paid off! The first test got 72(2 marks short) and Test 2 got 73. I finally got an A for Bio in Test 3!!! Got 78^^

I asked Mr.Foo(my Bio lecturer) during Bio lecture this evening whether how many people got A for Bio. He said only two. My heart was crushed at that time... Then my friend, Marquez went on to ask him who got the highest marks. Mr.Foo looked at me and grinned. He pointed at me and said I got the highest for Bio in the whole lecture! My heart went flying and I was so hyped at that time!

So far, we've gotten 3.5 papers for our Test 3.
Only 7 scholars in my class have our scholarship hanging in the balance-Mun Hoong, Piak Lin, Kev, Marquez, Jia Ying, Sing Yan and me...
The papers that we've gotten so far:

Applied maths-36/50

My average is 60.3... Still need to get another 89 marks in my Pure maths and General Papers to secure my scholarship. Hope I wouldn't disappoint my parents this time...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pavilion & Times Square Outing!

Imagine this, the first outing for 2 Kuantan boys are:
> at Pavilion,
> with 2 KL people
> and 1 Batu Pahat guy
> watching MJ's "This Is It"
> and going around window shopping

Yep, that's what happened on 8th November.
Peng Keat and I went for an outing with Kevin Lee, Denise Tan and Vi(his full name is freaking complicated to just even spell it). Originally, it was just a plan between Kev and I. We wanted to get some entertainment after going through hell of a week for our Test 3. Then I asked Denise and Mei Yean(the one who lepas aeroplane). Vi and Peng Keat was invited later on.

The day started off with Kev and I meeting on our way to Wangsa Maju LRT station.
Kev was really lucky that day, he didn't pay for his bus ticket and found a coin in the arcade later on. We went to had our lunch at Wangsa Maju before meeting Peng Keat.

Soon after Peng Keat arrive, we went to KLCC via LRT.
Upon arrival, Peng Keat wanted to have his lunch so we stopped by the food court at KLCC. After having lunch, we went loitering around and ended up at the Digi promotion booth. There were this XBox360 game on a mega screen which they used to play FIFA10. It was really cool but too bad I've been training on Winning Eleven, not FIFA. Then, there's this man and woman who dressed up as an all white and all black "music box".

The Mega Screen

The guy in white "music box"...

Later on, we went to Pavilion when Denise and Vi arrived.
Its much easier when you have 2 KL people leading the way. On our way to Pavilion, Denise accidentally said f**k then we all started to say that she should act more like a girl and she said that she's a guy. LoL... So, we went to GSC Pavilion and watched MJ's This Is It(luckily Mei Yean didn't join us). It was really a great film and I really love MJ's moves. At the end of the film, I realised how much I miss the time watching his videos and listening to his songs but now he's gone. A moment of sadness... Nonetheless, I'll always remember MJ as the King of Pop! *posing with hands at crotch* Yeehee! =P

After the movies, we went window shopping and stopped at Roxy to look for a present for Shao Wen. I got a little bit pissed at that time. I can't understand why if a person's birthday is around, we must buy a present that are sorely based on his/her favourite brand! So, I joked with Denise that I love AND1 shoes and told Kev that as a Man U fan, its sad that I don't have a Man U jersey(the new one)... We wasted more than an hour just going through all the products and ended up not buying a single thing! I have little patience on certain things...

We went to Nicchi and took a few snaps there too...

The camwhores...

After so many hours of walking and window shopping,
we decided to go for dinner. This is the part that I must say, Denise I love your uncle and aunt! We went to Johny's at Times Square for a free dinner(cause the owner happens to be Denise's uncle). Had hell of a dinner, everything was quite nice-especially the chicken wings... We met Denise's little sister, Ellise, working at there too. She served us and we kinda tease her whenever we can. Naughty us... x)

After dinner, we went to the arcades because Vi and Kev wanted to play Tekken.
Peng Keat and I weren't really interested with it. The 2 of us stay outside the arcades and chatted for awhile and we saw an emo girl crying alone. We didn't do anything though. After 30 minutes at the arcades, we went back to Johny's to meet up with Ellise. We went back home at 9pm. Kev, Peng Keat and I took the monorail and LRT to reach Wangsa Maju. I reached home at 11+. So ends one whole day spent with some of my college friends!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Just now my friend called me and told me that his grandmother passed away.
For a moment, I did not know what to say to him... It is true that everyone will die one day regardless by sickness, accident, or simply because of old age. But it is inevitable that when faced with death of someone close, we will feel despair as if our heart is punctured with a spear of sadness...

When I got the call from him, I have a hunch that it is bound to be something to do with his grandmother. It was just 3 days ago when he told me about his grandmother's condition that keep revolving from critical to stable and back to critical then so on... From his expression, I know that he is worried sick of her. That was during Test 3. Can't imagine how much pressure he's dealing with...

He reminded me of my own grandmother.
I was just 1 year old when she pass away. I can't really feel anything back then since I'm just 1, all I do is eat, sleep, past motion, pee, bath, cry whenever I want...

From what i heard from my mother, grandma was a great person.
She had a nice personality, handles her children efficiently and fairly, household chores are within her profession and her affection was overwhelming... I wished that I could have spend much more time with her and know her better. When I was I kid, I used to think that she's around me. Its creepy but true. After all, she passed away right after feeding me and my cousin. She just fall to the ground and was gone...

I think my grandma was not in much pain when she pass away though.
In other words, she passed away peacefully. No grudge, no fear, no disappointment, no tears and nothing to regret. But for my friend's grandmother, I think she had enough of the pain in her. Perhaps, it might have been a solution for her. She must have been very sad to be a burden to her family.

However, I do feel the sadness that resides in my friend.
I have not feel such grieve yet in my life. It must be very hard for him. Even so, he most probably can overcome the emotional breakdown soon. I didn't know how to cheer him up. But at least I share my condolence and help him handle his test papers for the time being...

Test 3 T____T

This is the reason for my absence the past 2 weeks...

Test 3 T___T

Its a really sad case for all the scholars because it determines whether or not we would be able to retain our scholarship. And Mr. David Loh's comment was this: 65% of you... Will fail!!!
LMAO!!! Its really true though it wasn't Chemistry that is the killer... Physics was much harder!!!

Chemistry consists of many questions but most of them are the easier ones but Physics is like "what the heck???"... The time for the paper was 1 and a half hour and I was just done with the first 30 objective questions when there is 30 minutes left!!! Then there were 5 subjective questions which I've done only half of them... Thank you Mr. Soh Beng Seng a.k.a. Soh Beh Song for setting such high standard test paper... =____=

Hope I'll pass all my papers and get average 60marks... I don't want my dad to pay for my studies lar... 6k weih!!! Better take that money and start business... >.<#!!!

HOSTEL Here I Come!!!

I'm finally going to stay in the hostel!
But not until the next semester which is next year... Going to check-in on 22nd Dec with Tze Jian. Hopefully there is an empty room for the two of us... I gonna be a study freak if I am going to stay with him in the same room-something that I really need to do next semester...
Sounds like utilising T.J. Haha... *evil grin*

But there are so many of my friends staying in the hostel.
Kev, Peng Keat, Larry and Toi(Aaron Tyo) coming too... Its gonna be fun, I gonna save so much on transportation, can play bsb anytime I want and I don't need to wake up at the crack of dawn anymore! x) Can't wait to get in to the hostel life!


Two days ago, my dad's car was stolen during the midnight.
The car was parked at the front of the house weih!
It is a brownish-grey Hilux and luckily, its his company car...

The thieves nowadays are really everywhere!
They are so skillful that the alarms didn't sound a little bit. And the so called "steering lock" gives way easily. Probably WaKie(my dog a.k.a. the living alarm) would have barked but nobody noticed cause it was raining heavily that night... They were lucky that I wasn't at home... If I were at home, I would have noticed them as I wouldn't sleep till 3a.m. They must have been stalking my family for a long time before stealing the car...

Even Kuantan is so dangerous nowadays...
I wonder what those good-for-nothing policemen do... Probably chilling out at Big Apple with donuts and coffee or busy having highway duties to get more "summonses" that eventually goes into their pockets I guess... I still remember when the chief inspector was living beside my house, these policemen used to patrol around my housing area every night! But after he left for a higher position in Terengganu, these same policemen disappeared without a trace! Pathetic bunch!

The thing is, mum told me that there were several cases around Kuantan.
Snatch thieves, burglars and automobile thieves. There was a lady who lost 30k after she withdrew the money from the bank to snatch thieves... Then my Indian neighbour's house was broken in by some burglars when he was on a trip... Another house around my area where a few Malay guys live in had one of their motorcycle stolen... On the same day my dad lost his car, there were another Malay guy who lost his Hilux too! His case were far more worst! His car was parked at the garage of the house where his gates had an alarm system. Somehow the thieves manage to put off the alarm... Damn, what Kuantan have became? City of crime??? Freaking dangerous!!! My family got a really expensive lesson this time...

AND1 25-10-2009

I'm finally back to blogging after two weeks!
Well, I had an important exam...
So, don't blame me, blame the ones who set the exam date...


This post should have been posted like 13 days ago...
But I was busy studying mar~
Good student what to do? x)

Back to the main story(tengah SS already)...

It was on 25th October 2009,
I went for the AND1 3-3 Street Ball Challenge with two of my friends.
Kevin Lee and Kenny Lim... Both of them are in SPUS... Kev and I were there since 8a.m. Kev didn't even sleep the night before while I slept for 3 hours only. By the time we reach there, it was already crowded with many people!

It was really fun to be in such large scale competition.
Especially when there's so many foreigners... But they made me feel so short... >.<
There were this slamming performance from an American, an Aussie shooter and 3 local free-stylists... They are real cool except the American guy... He's thin and tall but can't really jump high... He got was blasted by a few Negros... Most of them can slam better them him...

The outcome of the competition was better than what I've expected!
The original plan was join the competition, go play for fun, lose the first match, get the jerseys and the ball then ciao... We waited for more than 3 hours before our match starts because the Under 14 was to start first. We were lucky enough to get a feeder team in the first match. We won 2-0. Then, we waited for another 4 hours for the next match and lost 6-2. We lost on shooting seriously... The rim was so elastic and the board is not much wider than my file. How to lay up???

In the end of the day, Kev got an AND1 T-shirt for answering a quiz,
Kenny gets to show off his slams(the rim was lower than the normal rims),
And I got nothing more than just satisfaction and the fun of joining the competition.
I think we'll do better next year because we never play with each other that often...

Our team, K2I...
Kenny at the left, Kev at the right...(I know I'm short...)