Monday, June 28, 2010


Was suppose to update this blog like long time ago but I'm feeling lazy...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Done With AS

Feel like blogging...
(actually I'm too bored and have nothing to do)
Anyhow, it was awesome that I've survived the 5 hellish weeks...
Yup, I'm done with AS!!! Never mind what the result might be.

The exam already taken away one week of my break...
Its quite a fortune in a sense - I'm already rotting at home. So much for enjoying my break... The Last Minute Gang is all separated and most of them is studying. Even basketball have not enough kaki. =\ But still, it is good to get myself out of hectic, heart of the country and just slow down my pace back in Kuantan (the smell of home and the sea help me to chill).

Many things happened in that 5 weeks.
Its a love-hate affair throughout that time... I'm proud enough to say that I've given my best shot. At the same time, I've seen many many things during this period of time - people, event, relationship, etc. Like the old saying "you lose something, you gain something". I've gain tons in terms of knowledge (I don't suck that much in Physics!), friendship (Kev, Jian, Larry, Chee and Peng Keat are there to cheer me up) and know a lil bit more about life - we've to move on when we realise what is possible and what is not. At the same time, I've gotten to know people around me much better - the TRUE person in some of my friends.

Right now, I've a serious thing to do - adjust my biological clock back to normal.
I've been nocturnal throughout that 5 weeks. Many sleepless nights which sometimes lead to conversation between me and Jian. He's been really supportive on my every plan and decision. But with the football fever on, how am I suppose to sleep early??? T__T
Besides, I've gotta stop my late night supper habit... Same goes to pool... Wasted a large sum of my pocket money on both of that... =(

ps: anyone in Kuantan wanna go out???