Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

31st December 2010,
People often say, the end of something is the beginning of another.
So, yeah. Many things happened during this year.

Study (or career) wise,
I've taken 2 major exams (AS and A2), applied and gotten an interview from Cambridge, and scored 8.0 for IELTS. I've gotten an admirable result for AS even though I've asked for more. Come to think of it, 3As and 2Bs ain't that bad. I've gone through sleepless nights and some of those nights that I would've just dozed off out of exhaustion. I've experienced fear and anxiety during exams, broke down due to stress, regained my strength, fought for the result I want and finished my college life!

Family wise,
I'm finally back at home from KL. Truthfully, there's nothing better than home. I'm reunited with my family. It's back to the same old days where mom would nag us just about anything. The bond between my family members got closer. Mom and dad somehow enjoys watching movie in the cinema. We do have small fights every now and then. But hey, that's the spice in a family! I love my family. =D

Relationship (guy and girls) wise,
Well, lets just put this short - I loved a girl, given up, like another, given up and got hooked, loving it. For the (just) friends part, yeah, I'm not gay. But I've awesome experience with some of the guys back in college (especially Jian, Kev and dumb boy). Besides, my classmates are just great! Love them all and sad to leave them. Its great knowing all of you! You guys have been there for the thin and thick. =)

To sum things up.
2010 happened to be a very entertaining year for me. I've gone through changes and gained experience. Its a great year and hopefully 2011 will be better. Time is up to bid 2010 a farewell! Hello 2011! New challenges await us! Let's roll!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Finding Oneself

Have you ever "lost" someone who is here?
I mean not physically. Its just as if the person is no longer the one you know and cherish? Chances are high - people changes and God knows how they would change. The change can be big or small, physically, mentally or behaviorally.

Sometimes, these changes bring big effects.
As scary as it sounds like, the changes is inevitable. For instance, one might begin to use foul words as they grow up. Like how and artist would describe; everyone is a sheet of paper and every drop of ink changes the whole picture. Some brings joy, some anguish, and some remains in the same phase.

Some would try to "find themselves".
Some wouldn't bother to care. But who exactly is this "oneself"? How can this be "lost" if you don't even know what it is? How can you "find" something that you are not sure of? Indeed, we need to know what is lost before finding it. Perhaps this is the crux for such grotesque situation.

How can one be helped when he denies help?
People who have lost themselves often claim that they can no longer find the old self. Albeit, they didn't allow people to help identifying the problem and work things out. People around us are those who know best about us. If there are any changes, they are the first to notice. Try talk to them and find out what is really "lost". We need to take the bull by its horn.

Besides, who would be more willing to help than people closest to you?
These same people are those who cares most about you.
These same people want to see the best of you.
Yet, you shut them out.
Leaving silence in both world.
And desolation remains in the heart.

Christmas Eve

I'm not a Christian.
But I do enjoy some of the Christian celebrations with Christmas being one of them. Each Christmas eve, I would attend some functions or parties. This year, however, I never attend any of those but just simply spend the night drinking (tea, bubble tea to be exact) with some of my friends. It was better than functions and parties.

There were 7 of us.
Saiful, Li Ann, Kaev, Jamie, Qi Ting, Eugene and me. It was a random yumcha plan by Jamie and we called whoever (we think) in Kuantan. Chatted quite some time from 9.30pm to 12pm. It was quite fun to actually sit down and talk with them. We were even shooed away from the shop because its already past closing hour. =..="...

With Kaev having to wait for his dad to fetch,
I invited Li Ann and him to chill out at my house. So, there we were. Talking bout college life, our past times and stuff regarding Christianity (yeah, I'm interested in discussing bout religion). Li Ann really surprise me (again, first time being F5 when she suddenly turned from serious to wacky). This time, she have become Muscle Ann...Her biceps are bigger than mine. =..="...

We chilled till 1.30am.
First time having friends over till so late. It was cool having friends to talk. Especially old ones. This is definitely one of the better Christmas eves I've ever gone through. Its good to have old friends. OLD is GOLD. Too Bad Kayu and Chibi are not around. Merry Christmas guys. =D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Of Taxi Drivers

Have you ever met ridiculous taxi drivers and mat rempits with a few loose nuts?
In case of taxi, this happened to me yesterday when I was going back "home" after my IELTS exam. They have all sorts of excuses to get extra pay.

I was at Perkeliling Bus station and was about to go back "home" at Jalan Ipoh, which is just down the road. So, my friend and I approached the first taxi; the driver refused to fetch us. Then we moved on to the second; the driver act blur and said he is not sure where. Third and most outrageous cab; the driver demanded double the normal price. His reason? Driver 3: "I've been waiting here for 30 minutes. No customer." What the f***? Is that even our fault? Go die please.. We were on the verge of giving up and my friend was about to call for help from friends. However, I decided to give a try to ask the fourth cab. Fortunately, the driver uses his meter.

On board the cab, we chatted with the driver named Zul.
Zul asked us why the 3 cars refused to fetch us. We told him the situations. Zul was really one of the better taxi drivers around town. He criticized the other 3 drivers. Zul: "Tu lah, kita semua pemandu taxi dapat nama busuk sebab driver macam dia orang lah. Mau potong sama customer. Apalah kaitan dengan kamu dia tunggu 30 minit? Itu salah dia tak nak ambik customer." We chatted during the whole journey. Zul even advised us to not support those drivers by snubbing them and taking taxis with meter. He really showed that there is still some responsible taxi drivers in Malaysia.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Like what people usually says,
December is the month where you sums up everything you've done. Evaluate the good and bad. Listing your acchievements and perhaps set new goals for the coming year. Indeed, many people loves December(based on their posts on Facebook), I don't know why.

December seems to be just another month in the calendar.
The very fond memories of this month is the holidays(except those taking SPM, STPM, Diploma,etc). Each year, we can enjoy one and half month of school holiday which actually makes us rot and want to go school earlier. That's human - wanting to go on holidays during school days and wanting to go school when its holiday.

I had a good year I must say.
I've done many things. Some are good, some bad, some just for the fun of it. However, time pass really fast when you enjoy it. Without noticing, my time at TARCollege have come to an end and I've departed with many of my friends. Looking back, we had gone through a really good time.

I've score fairly well in AS.
Done what I can to get myself an interview with Cam. Get myself involved in basketball competitions. Got myself attached. Went Penang and Ipoh. And many more that I've yet to list. Hopefully my plans can go on smoothly. =)