Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, its been quite some time since the last time I've updated this blog.
I've been busy or rather lazy to update.

Anyhow, the past one months have been quite unproductive.
First, the world cup have taken a toll on my studies and yeah, my test was during WC. So, I've screwed up my test.
For the first time ever, I failed.
Failed in Chem and Bio - both subjects which I've been on the top for the past 3 tests. Epic flop(just like Rooney in WC).
I can't blame the WC as the sole reason. I must admit that I've slacked off very much.

I've decided to start anew.
Get a balanced, healthy life - study regularly, play some sports, eat more and get adequate sleep. All are easy to except the last. I've a severe sleep disorder which drains the life out of me. Every night, I found it very difficult for me to sleep. After all, when I'm awake, I can keep myself occupied with activities and nullifies my consciousness.

When I close my eyes at night, images of the future cloaks my mind.
I'm beginning to fear what might happen in the future. The prospects of growing up seems crude and vigor.

Everyone seems to have decided on their future.
Just yesterday, I was waiting for the bus at the bus terminal and saw Sean. It was a pleasant surprise to see my best-est friend and to know that he's doing well - studying Russian language and going Russia in September to study medics. Wei Shan on the other hand is going to US. Me? Still stuck here and not knowing what to do. =\

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A day around KL~

The original plan includes Chibi, Jun Yee, Lou Hang aka Xin Yi and me.
But then...
Somebody have gotta go back to Kuantan,
leaving only 3 of us...
We were SUPPOSE to meet at KLCC at 11am.
And so, I left my hostel at 9.55am, took metro bus to Wangsa Maju LRT station and took the train to KLCC as smooth as planned.
I've even reach earlier than expected - at 10.30am.
So, I took a stroll around KLCC, hoping to find the Spain football team official jersey-which is out of stock as expected...
Jun Yee reach around 15 minutes later.
We walked around to burn the time off waiting for Chibi then we decided to walk to Pavilion since he's not even near KL Central.
The way from KLCC to Pav was suppose to be a straight road but I've led Jun Yee through a detour on halfway down the journey (okay, I gotta admit that I'm not good with roads).
I was determined to find the Spain jersey...
But once again, I makan "bak guo"... T.T
Yet to give up, we went all the way to Times Square for the same reason.
(yeah, kesian Jun Yee for walking with me all the way but hey, that's exercise! good for health! =P)
Training kits, training kits and more training kits...
That's all I can find...
Chibi called us when we were walking around TS.
The conversation was more or less like this:
Chibi: Ivan, we meet at where?
Me: Don't go KLCC, come TS.
Chibi: How to go?
Me: Use monorail...
Chibi: Har? Is it same as KTM?
Me: .... (speechless) something like that lar...
*pass phone to Jun Yee*
Jun Yee told him how to go to the monorail from KL Central train station.
10 mins later, Chibi called again...
Chibi: Eh, the monorail that road got Public Bank?
Jun Yee & Me: Not sure wor...
Chibi: I dunno where am I leh...
Me: You go back to KL Central and wait...
Jun Yee and I went to KL Central via monorail to find Chibi.
Upon reaching, we realised that the public bank is less then 50m away from the station-which makes the station pretty obvious.
First guess, Chibi dunno what is monorail. =x
That's a correct guess.
We decided to go to Midvalley because the monorail station was cramped with people. (I didn't know Usher's coming to town at Pav-major regret)
So, we took KTM to Midvalley-second major regret...
The cinema queue was like 5 rows of zig zags and half way around the court(the hole we can see downstairs).
Took us 45 mins to just buy 3 movie tickets. Man, I'm so gonna apply for the UOB card just for cinema use...
We watched A Legend Was Born: Ip Man.
Cool movie overall. Lotsa action, very little talking. Typical kung fu movie with many questionable plots.
We stayed at Midvalley till 5something before going back to KL Central.
We departed there and went 3 separate ways.
By the way, Midvalley still have Spain jerseys (only 2) but both also XL... T___T
Now I regret being so thin and short... X_x
Overall, the day was really nice. Especially going out with old friends like those 2.
A moment to cherish~

The guy who took the photo no skill... =(

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ian Rush

He's a football legend...
But not in MU...
He's directly opposite...

His name?
Rings a bell?
Probably for all those Liverpool fans out there.

He is...
Really tall...
Really old...
Really macho...
I don't really understand his English... T.T

Took pic with him^^