Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Action in Reflection

So many years have passed since my last post! Much positive vibes compared to the 20 years old sore-butt! So here I am, graduated with a BSc (Hons) Biotech, taught in a college for a year (had a batch of Ausmat students whom graduated under my guidance, so much pride!) and finally gonna continue my MSc Molecular Science in UM! Tough luck with overseas application. Same problem, offered a place which I could not afford (albeit not feeling like the skies had felt on me)! Anyhow, that is not the point of this post.

As I mentioned earlier, I am attached to UM and I met an old uncle whom asked if I could spare him some change for a meal as I was leaving UM Medical Centre (where my lab is connected to). At a moment like this, we usually would have two options in mind:

a) Ignore him, he's a cheat!
b) Let's spare him some change.

Without second thought, I took my wallet out and handed him five RM1 notes (the only small change I have). He repeatedly thank me as I left to catch the bus. It has been a norm for me to hand a few ringgits or buy some food for those in need ever since I have started working in KL. I believed that my action can ease their struggle for a brief moment and would never hesitate to help whenever I can.

However, it felt very different this time. Once I got up the bus, I began to ponder upon the fate of the uncle. Why would he end up the way he is today? Do he need more than just the money? Then I began to realise that there is another option that I could have taken;

c) Offer him a meal together and have a chat as we dig through our meal.

The thought of spending time with a complete stranger who needed help continues to linger in my mind even as I am writing this. I felt that I helped in order to make myself feel better but I did not help him wholeheartedly. He might be physically hungry but I could have also helped him psychologically - to listen to his stories. Perhaps this reflection can serve as a reminder that I can do much more than just offering a few ringgits.