Friday, May 27, 2011

Journey Day 3

Day 3 and still no progress.
Written an email to MCA Youth to ask for a supporting letter as told when I called them a day earlier. Besides that, saw the news on newspaper stating that Datuk Chua Soi Lek announce that MCA will be preparing 30 mil loan to students who are in financial need. That is good news assuming that I could not secure a scholarship from any of the sponsors.

The email I wrote to the Head of JPA Scholarship was rejected.
Apparently, my email was too long that their system rejected it. Gotta write another shorter version. Have to get his attention first before any further action.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dinner Jinx

Its been 2 days consecutively
that something odd happened to the places I had my dinner. First was on Monday night. Had dinner at Midnight Corner which I have not been there for a few years. We had our orders taken and as soon as all our dishes was served, we heard a loud exploding sound from the kitchen. All the workers were rushing out of the kitchen and said "letup, letup".

My dad asked one of them what happened and he said "paip gas letup".
Everyone was running out of the restaurant and we ran as well. We got into our car and drove away to the streets (the restaurant is beside a street). After a while, there were nothing much happening and we went back to check the place. We had our dinner there since the dishes were already served. It was kinda like our responsibility to pay for our food even if we don't want to stay on and eat it.

It was the first time
that we had our dinner at the restaurant completely empty. We sat right in the middle of the restaurant as if we booked the whole restaurant. The customers who came after the incident was all turned away. The waiters told them that the kitchen is out of service. Those customers look at us with curiosity because the kitchen is suppose to be out of service. Albeit, we're having our dinner happily.

Today we had our dinner at T & L.
It was the second time we have an unusual dining experience. We had our food halfway and suddenly it was pouring cats and dogs. The restaurant was out of electricity for a brief moment. A wire trip I suppose. Reminded us of how lucky we are to have such dining experiences.

Dad wanna see what happens to the next place we have our dinner.
Maybe we are really dinner jinxes.

Journey Day 2

Didn't do much today.
Dad called YB Chang Hong Seong to see if MCA can help out and he gave dad the MCA Youth's office number. So, I called them and asked them whether they can help in any possible way. The lady responded in polite manners and advised me to send an email to them along with my offer letter so that they can provide me with a supporting letter. However, I was told that so far, there are no allocation for invilid (that's what they call the type of scholarship) scholarships. But I can try to get one.

As for others,
I have yet to get any replies. As for JPA, currently working on the email that I gotta send to the head of office. I need to convince him in meeting me or give me a chance. Asked Li Ann's help but it might cause some trouble to her. So, I decided not having her to go into all the hassles. Just do the things on my own. Its my problem anyways.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Journey Day 1

Day 1,
I've taken down the email addresses as well as contact numbers of all possible sponsors. Written an email to each sponsors notifying them of my situation. Then, I called all of them. So far, I've only reach 2 sponsors;

Yayasan UEM,
The officer told me that Yayasan UEM is only for SPM leavers and they have no allocations for A-level students. I asked them whether they are affiliated to Yayasan Khazanah and he said yes. So, I asked for Yayasan Khazanah's extension but he don't know. I've tried to call Yayasan Khazanah but all I get was the computerized operator.

Public Service Department,
I called on my own and they did not answer. After I went to have a hair cut with Kar June, he help me to call and the officer wasn't quite sure about scholarships for Overseas students. Apparently, they have yet to announce the allocation for such scholarships. I was asked to contact the Head of Pembangunan Modal Insan instead.

So far, my biggest progress is the emails.
Its gonna be a long way up there...

Monday, May 23, 2011


I've embark on a journey.
A journey in search of a better future.
A journey to change my life.
A journey that I've longed for.
What journey you ask?
The journey to secure a scholarship.
And I shall record this journey right here.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 Big Slaps

I should really give myself 3 big slaps.
One for procrastinating.
One for my ignorance.
One for my immaturity.
With that 3 big slaps, I hope to put all these away. Grow up. See myself from a different point of view. Change my habits and reliance on Kelvin.

One of the most important thing,
step out of Kelvin's shadow. Stop comparing myself with him. Accept the fact that each individual is unique. Not one man can be identical to another. Cut the crap on "I must win Kelvin". That's too naive and childish. Stop relying on him. He can't be there for me all the time. I need to shape my own life.

From this day on,
I shall learn from my mistakes. Stop being lazy and take initiatives. Get things done on my own. Stop sitting around and wait for opportunity to come. I'm feeling that my motivations are coming back. Leave the past and aim for a brighter future.

List to be done;
1) secure a scholarship
2) keep myself updated with my field of studies
3) be more independent

Thanks to Kelvin for giving me a scolding.
I will try to reflect on my wrongs.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Unconditional Offer

It was like any other Fridays.
I go work early and back late. Switched on my lappy, view my facebook account, emails, bla bla bla. There were 2 inbox emails in my Gmail. One from HP and the other from UCAS.

I didn't bother about the HP.
What bothered me was the email from UCAS stating there is a change in my status. I figured that one of the Uni is going to retract their offer. Surprisingly, I was wrong. I viewed my choices and for a moment, I was STUNNED - I've gotten an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER from UCL!

Yes, UCL as in Uni Col of London!
My first choice Uni at UK. I am thrilled that the offer changed from conditional to unconditional. This opened the door to my future. Like what Kelvin said in his facebook; when the door of opportunity swung open, make sure you get it! And all of a sudden, my world brightens up. My life don't suck that much eh?

Now that I've gotten an unconditional offer.
I have better chances of getting a scholarship which secures my financial needs and ensure a brighter future. All I need to do now is to convince a sponsor that I am one that they should really support. Let's gear up and go on full throttle! Praying hard for a scholarship~!

Scholarship, scholarship, scholarship~
Gimme, gimme, gimme~

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day.
Its like any ordinary Mother's Day that I've had. Just that this year I'm working at Maxis (yeah, working on Fri, Sat and Sun). Apparently, Speed Comm have this tradition of giving out carnations to mama customers during Mother's Day.

As part of Speed Comm staff,
I anticipated in giving out the flowers to those mama who walk past our shop. Never had I ever seen so many happy mamas. I went into Cosway (cause the owner is my mom's friend) and gave the flowers to the owner and a few other aunts shopping there. A stalk of carnation and a simple "Happy Mother's Day" worked wonders - I've never seen so many happy mothers around. They were all shinning.

I never knew what to give my mom.
But right after giving out the flowers to the aunts, I felt satisfied looking at their happy faces and thus concluded that mom will be happy with anything that I have to offer - a stalk of carnation and a simple "Happy Mother's Day". I know that mom is happy when I gave her the carnation. She's kinda surprised too. Didn't saw her reaction afterwards cause I went to bath. But it can't be bad isn't?

Mom, I love you.

p/s: the carnation can spare from nagging for the week eh? =P