Saturday, October 22, 2011

uNEW Life

First post since I've been in UTAR~!

Its been almost 2 weeks that I've been in a new environment.
I've enrolled in a university that is know by many but understand by few. Most people know the university only by its name, University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). The uni is still relatively young and the location of my campus is quite secluded in a small town called Kampar in the state of Perak, about an hour away from Ipoh.

Though not my first choice, might as well be the last,
I am beginning to feel that this place is quite serene and to my liking. Life here could be much simpler than the previous chapters of my life. I can set my own pace and make sure I do not stray from my goal - to get education and a way to break away from the cycle on which I'm stuck within. In other words, I am glad I can finally get a taste of higher learning despite the dramas before.

All the horrible things that I've heard about this place
vanished just as the anger and disappointment in the chamber within me have slowly faded. Instead, cycling along the lakeside made me feel free. Unarguably, nature is one of the best cures. UTARians are proud of this campus and we call it the UTAR Lakeside campus - we have not one but two lakes. Though the weather is a little bit weird but everything else is good. The faculties are well equipped, stylish buildings, a large beautiful library, etc etc. What else could I ask for?

It is a norm where an institute have many students
produces a number of good results, a bigger number of average results and a considerable number (higher than good, lower than average) of bad results. The public perception lies only on the latter two as they are the larger portion of the number. However, those who did well are really the creme de la creme in their field of study. Our university care less about publicity because it is not necessary. They are not making much profit from the students as the education provided are for the lower earning class. Cheap and affordable education.

As for the lecturers, 
there are quite many of them here. Most of them are doing their PhD's and some of them are professors. Though some of them have a relatively poor command in English, they really have the heart and soul in teaching. The best thing for me is the lecturers that are doing their PhD research - they allow a window of opportunity for me to get involved in their work and gain valuable experience. As for now, I am taking all social science and business subjects. Boring as they are, they might come in handy when I start my career. We complain but at the same time we are aware of the usefulness of the subjects. That is just how humans operate.

Anyways, I think I gonna enjoy my life here.
Whether it is a year or 3, my time here will not be wasted. Must live my life to the fullest and enjoy my new life as an UTARian. We are benevolent dictators of our own life, we rule the kingdom within our heart and soul. Thus, we must learn to protect the kingdom, keep the morale high and make sure life is good no matter what is thrown at us!