Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Month of Work

Its been a month that I've been working at Speed Comm.
Everything is cool. I've learn many things from my boss and colleagues. Working here probably can make me a smarter man, street wise. My boss studied till standard 6 and now he's making few hundred thousands a month! Now, that is SMART!

Work is never easy.
Not for this work. All we need is a quick mind and a sharp tongue. We need to come out with solutions to our clients' problems. At the end of the day, we still hold on to the principle - help people, get our sales. Just don't screw up when you're trying to help them.

By the way, I'm not the new guy anymore!
There's a new guy in the shop and I've learnt all I need to start doing things on my own. So, yeah.. I'm kinda like a senior now~

A month have passed by,
and I've done over 70 sales. Still aiming for 80 for this month. Still on course! ^^ Gearing up for broadband fair this weekend!

Monday, March 7, 2011

No time

Started working for 2 weeks now.
I am so busy that some of the time I would even forgot to eat even when the stomach is playing like a rock band. Life is more productive but it is becoming dull - having the same routine over and over again. Besides, I am seriously lacking of time. Precious time to be with family and friends. There's very little stress in work. Just that it took a quarter of my clock cycle.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

PC Fair

This is not the first time I've work in PC Fair.
This is not the first time I tried to sell an Internet access device.
And this is not the first time I got snubbed by the "customers".
And neither it is the first time I wanna say foul words to those people.
Those faces make me sick..

Have been at the fair for 1/2 day.
And fml for being there. Wasted the whole morning with no returns. Not even a single sale. Somehow Marquez make things look simple. He gets like one out of every ten person he ask and I get none out of hundreds that I've ask. Talk about luck. Damn.

Luckily Ah Lee was kind enough to let me back to the shop.
I got like 2 broadband sales in 30 minutes there. Imagine what I would have gotten the whole morning back at the shop. >,<

Nonetheless, it was good experience back at the fair.
So, no hard feelings even if I hate working (or should I say begging) in fairs.

Life @ Speed Comm (MAXIS) is still chilling. =D

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Busy busy busy

I've never been so occupied before.
Started working for a week non-stop now. It feels like I've played over a hundred basketball match. The level of stress is low but tiring. To put things simple, working is not as easy as we think and working at Maxis is a whole new experience for me.

Getting the opportunity to be an operator is really cool.
I know how communication can bring people about and the importance of being precise. Like any other service provider, we must make the best for our customer (and for ourselves as well). The important work in this line of service - TRUST. Whatever you do, make your customer believe in you. Learn that from my boss Ah Siong @ Tiger King. He can convince a single customer to register 4-5 lines in one shot. Talk about the power of persuasion.

Working sure too a big chomp out of my day.
Spending 8 hours a day at work really change one's lifestyle. I spent so much time working, it really make me miss things - the people that I love, family and friends, the time we spent together, yumcha sessions, etc etc. It makes me appreciate them more than ever. Sometimes, I don't even get to see dad for one whole day. Makes me kinda sad even though we're staying under one roof.

Talking bout that make me wonder...
How's Simon (my big bro) is doing over Kelantan and Kelvin's (my second bro) progress at Camb. Must be lot tougher than me. Hope they'll do well too.