Monday, October 15, 2012


Totally forgotten my first aid skills today
when there was a guy who had epilepsy at cafeteria C. Was chatting with JS and suddenly heard a loud dropping sound. A guy went down on the floor and everyone just looking at him in shock. Went over to see him and saw signs of epilepsy, e.g. struggling, shaking, eyes open wide with pupil looking up and he started to frown. I was freaking out.

Only remem
bered one rule: Get help quick or he dies.

First thing came in mind;
Run to the Department of Safety and Security to get an officer to send the poor fella to the clinic.

The following action;
Carried the patient into UTAR clinic together with Cjs Js, Leon Gautier and another passer-by.

In the clinic;
 Noob doctor asked me what happened when he should be able to determine the patient is having epilepsy and the clinic didn't not have any medication to inject the poor fella.

He was sent to the hospital and I wonder how he is doing now. Hopes that he is okay.

It made me miss those days.
The days where I wear my St.John uniform with pride.
It was all but gone.

At least I don't need to be a St.Johner to help the patient today.