Monday, July 18, 2011

Bicycle Restoration

Recently, mom have been saying
that she should exercise (though we know she doesn't have the motivation). So, Kelvin provided the tool (also the motivation) for mom and dad to exercise - bicycles. That have given me an idea as well - why don't I grab my bike and cycle along with them?

Its been 3 years since my bike's last duty.
It served me 4 years till Form 5. Ever since, its kept at a corner and forgotten entirely. The carnage - rusted parts, punctured wheels, moldy seat, brown chains, and pretty much everything is not working. The solution? Take it down to parts, clean them and change any parts that are due to be terminated.

As a gift from my grandpa,
my bike is not the fanciest bike but it was good enough to be used as a daily transportation to school. It was an old bike of a neighbor and grandpa did some restoration before handling it to me.

Fixing up the bike have brought me closer to grandpa.
Not physically of course. Spiritually speaking. Now I can see the amount of effort he had put onto the bike. It feels like I'm going down the path he had gone to and it feels good. It makes me appreciate the bike more and that I want to make it look awesome. After all, it is what grandpa have left for me. Plus, I've got all the time I have.