Saturday, October 24, 2009

What The HECK!!!

Just in case you don't know what happened,
read the post before this.

Seriously, why the heck the school officials wanna further pressurise us by giving us an unnecessary warning letter???
Most of us, if not, half of us was able to the meet the requirement!!!
Mun Hoong(top in Physics and Chemistry), Tze Jian(the all-rounder), Prisca(top in Biology and Pure maths), Marques(another all-rounder), Piak Lin(one of the only two who scored A for Biology), and so many more, including myself(top in Applied maths) met all three requirements set by the scholarship board.
  • We sat for every tests and examinations.
  • We pass all the papers.
  • We was able to maintain average mark of 60%.
The sole reason for the letter was that all of us had at least one C or worst grade in our results.
But hey, can't you guys include that in the letter???
What if our parents see this letter???
They would think that we lied to them about our results!
Luckily, my parents are one of those few parents that trust their children.

Can't they understand that by giving this letter,
there's a chance of raising our determination but at the same time, consider the amount of pressure and stress that it might bring to some of us! Its already bad that some of us had not been sleeping well for the past few weeks. The letter will make it worst!

*@#$%* Warning Letter!!!

Dear Yee Man,


We refer to the TARC Merit Scholarship Awards given to deserving students who have achieved academic excellence in their SPM examination and which you are a recipient.

We wish to remind you that it sis clearly stipulated in our "Notice to Scholars" that you must comply with ALL the requirements stated below for retention of this scholarship.
  • You must sit for all tests and examinations conducted by the college.
  • You must pass all your class tests and examinations.
  • You must maintain an average mark of 60% for all your tests and examinations.
Your class results have shown that you have failed to meet the above requirements.

We urge you to reconsider your attitude towards your studies and to make a determined effort to do better in the coming Year-end Examination which will be held in November of this year. Please note that this examination is compulsory for all students and, in your case, it is to enable us to reassess your performance with regards to your scholarship.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in losing your scholarship.

This letter is issued to you without prejudice to our official scholarship offer letter to you with regards to other requirements by which you are also bound.

We wish you every success in your endeavor.

Scholarship Reviews Committee
School of Pre-University Studies

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Exam BLUES...

Recently everyone is so stressed over their studies as the end year test is nearing.
Some emo...
Some tension...
Some on study mode(me too!!!)...
Some insomnia(I'm included also)...
Some appears to have given up...
Some will cry when alone...
Some will simply get angry when they can't get the answer for certain tutorials(same case here...)...
Some just simply palao people(yes, Bruder, I'm talking bout u)


Everyone is having exam blues now... Not fun at all... DARN IT!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

D'vali Open House @ Yu's Place

Okay, I know its not EXACTLY Sarayu(Yu)'s house.
Its her aunt's house.
Well, doesn't matter...

The point is, it was a great night thanks to Yu and her family.
Almost 2/3 of our class was present at there. Terence, Aaron, John, Wai Hong, Keng Hong, Mun Hoong, Kevin, Cassandra, Piak Lin, Prisca, Siew Ru, Ah Bo and I were there. Ah Theng is the immigrant again... Haha...

Its Deepavali and time to stuff my tummy with Indian dishes!
Ah Bo's dad fetched Ah Theng and I. We were the 1st to arrive punctually(for Ah Bo is puncture). The 1st thing I noticed when I went into the house was the rice painting(I've forgotten what they call it) on the floor. Its very nice and colourful. Then it was kinda awkward for the 3 of us because we were the only 3 from our college at that time. The 3 of us sit on the same sofa. Ah Bo took 1/2 of the space while Ah Theng and I share the other 1/2. Lucky we are thin, not like Ah Bo... XD

Then, we went out with Yu to lead Wai Hong and Cassandra to Yu's place.
When we arrived at Yu's place, Yu introduced us to her mom. Her first reaction when she was introduced to Mun Hoong was "You are Mun Hong? I thought Mun Hoong is suppose to be a girl?". Haha... She is a nice lady.

Short while later, its time for the FOOD!
Its been so long since I've eaten Indian home cook food. The last was at Mura's house during last year's Deepavali. The food was awesome! Especially the curry mutton. There is also salad, fried chicken, prawn, white rice, spice rice, curry and some veges. Even though its quite spicy but its acceptable to me. Kevin was full of sweat when he was eating.

Terence came late because he was working as MC for the game competition at 1U.
When he came, Yu's mother asked him "You are the boy who are afraid of cockroach, right?" I was right beside him and I laughed so loud. Terence said that the boy who are afraid of cockroach is Mun Hoong. LoL...

We really had fun. But too bad we're having class tomorrow.
Everyone left quite early. Terence, Ah Bo, Ah Theng and I stayed till 10.30pm because there was a huge traffic jam at the MRR2 highway and Ah Bo's dad used that highway. I reached home at 10.45 and now, I'm writing this post while waiting Ah Theng to reply my message which I think wouldn't happen because she's probably on "Palau" mode again... Well, just carry on with my Physics tutorials then...


I've been having insomnia for the past 3 days...
It just brought my insomnia toll to 4 days this week... It doesn't make sense at all. There is no reason for me to have insomnia.

Is it stress?
I doubt so.

Perhaps boredom?
A little but not enough to cause insomnia.

I'm not using Samsung Omnia either...
I know its random and lame but it rhymes!
"I am using OMNIA, so i have INSOMNIA"
Suitable for Kyle aka Kelvin(My 2nd Bro) because he's using Omnia.

Maybe I'm just having random insomnia?
Maybe so, after all, I'm a random person...

I've been trying to get rid of it.
But I can't.
Damn, I miss home...
Makes me wanna scream F word all the time.
Insomnia without a reason... WTF...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Echo Park, Times Square

For the past 2 years I'm so tempted to join AND1 3on3 Streetball Challenge... I'm going to get the chance this year!!! I just went to submit the form this evening with Li Jin...

The details of the competition:
Venue: Berjaya Times Square
Date: 25th October 2009
Time: 8.00am-6.00pm

My team(K2I) consist of:
1) Ivan Ho Yee Man(me)
2) Kenny Lim Yao Li
3) Kevin Lee Ban Giap
We never expect anything much besides having some fun and gaining some experience... And who knows if we might get lucky during the Lucky Draw session? Haha... XD

After I'm done submitting the form,
Li Jin n I went for food hunting and stopped at a HK style restaurant.
The name of the shop is Sek Hou(I think suppose to read from left to right like old style caligraphy) The food wasn't so bad and the surrounding was okay... Nothing much to comment bout it anyways...

The aluminum foil reminds me of something though...
Mr.David Loh: You know ah, the people always use aluminum pan to cook are actually killing themselves.
Students: Why?
Mr.David Loh: You see, aluminum is actually covered with a layer of Al2O3. When you cook food on the aluminum pan, the Al2O3 is oxidised and sticks to your food! That's why you'll die faster!
The owner is so not considerate. I wonder if he ever taken Chemistry during his years in studying. But well, many people don't really know bout it either.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chemistry Lecture

Today Chemistry lecture got weird gas smell outta the AC again.
Initially, we thought that the wire were burnt. That was in DK2. We felt weird as the class before(SN10A, B, C and D aka the so called scholar class) taught by Mr.Siva moved to DK3 for the lecture. Then, we found out that the projector in DK2 is not functioning. Oh, well, we don't give a damn bout it and went to DK3 for lecture. Gosh, the DK's AC went off and the whole DK was so hot. Not long after, there was the same hovering sound that came outta the AC. And that weird gas smell was there again. But this time we insisted Mr.David Loh(David Zhai as Theng calls him) to teach us because we're a bunch of good kids... *Big GRIN*

Makan @ McD

It is Tuesday as usual!
Break at 12.30pm to 2pm...
And once again, we ended up eating McDonald's. There were about 15 of us. Kev, Marquez and I bought the large McValue Lunch and got the Coca-cola contour cup. I wasn't really fancied to collect all the cups but I just got one for my sis which she gotta wait till November to get it. Its a green one but Choi Sen(the girl who sits beside me in most of the lecture) and her friend argued with me that it was a clear one instead. Of course its a clear one! Its made of glass lar... =..="...

It's either we're bunch of jinx or it's just a coincidence. Last Wednesday, our DK went outta electricity. Today, the same happened at McD. We were all enjoying our food and suddenly, the shop went into a total black out. McD was the only shop that experience the black out... I guess the owner forgot to pay his electricity bill... XD

Monday, October 12, 2009


After class, it was the time for BASKETBALL!!!
Oh, it started off like our(Kev, Wye Kik, Joel aka Maradona, Larry, Esther, Hao Deng aka Hot & Spicy and I) usual Monday basketball routine with Kev and I to be the first to reach the basketball court. We warmed up, everyone came one by one, we practiced a few shots and went on with a 2-on-2 game...


While I was messaging Larry to ask where he is, Maradona tried to shoot a half court three pointer... I finally understand why his hand was adopted as "The Hand of God"... He shoot the ball all the way, 20 feet up into the air and the ball stuck firmly on the branches of a tree. It took us(I'm not really involved) about 20 minutes to finally get the ball out of the branches.

At first, it look so firm like a bird nest sitting between the branches. Maradona and Kev shook the lower branches of the tree vigorously but it ended up with hundreds of red ants dropping on them. Not long after that, they tried to use a wooden stick to hit the ball in attempt to make the ball drop. It wasn't a bad idea until Larry came to the rescue-He threw the stick up to the branches and we never see the stick again... =..="...

I went to the wreckage of the old stool at the side of the court and picked two pieces of hollow metal stick and hand it over to Kev and told him to hit the ball from below rather than directly. Then, Kev did so and the ball finally drop off the branches.


Erin and Siew Fang stop by and played a game with us.
Then, for the first time in TARC, I felt challenged in basketball. Not that I'm really good or anything like that. It was just that there was this guy(apparently, I don't know who he is) who join us for a game. Man, he was one of the cockiest guy I've ever seen in TARC basketball court!!! I played 100% in that match but we didn't finish the game as it begin to rain... The score was 14-13 at that time with us trailing one point down. But overall, I enjoyed the game. Kev has improved a lot, Maradona is the new found talent, and my serious defense haven't oxidised yet. XD

For everything we do, there's a consequence. For playing 100%, my whole body is aching and my legs are sore. But, hey, that's how we can generate improvement!

I still gotta do my Chemistry tutorials... Urgh... >.<#...

12-Oct-09... Class as usual...

Today is a tiring day...

Did my presentation on 'Book Review' during GP class..
Just a brief review on Roald Dahl's famous fantasy story, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. It was an interesting book(even though it was quite childish in some sense). Roald Dahl was(was because he is dead) a skeptical person. He tends to create a new concept about things in our life and also the things that we are made to believe in. For example, in the book, he wrote about squirrels(we might think they're adorable and harmless) that eventually pinned down one of the characters and throw her down the garbage hole. Reading the book really makes me feel like eating chocolate. Haha^^

However, we were lucky and unlucky at the same time during our Chemistry lecture today.
Somehow or somewhat there was something wrong with the AC in the lecture hall. It sounded weird(like an old 80's Nissan Sunny car engine) and weird smell begin to come outta it. Mr.Loh(yes, the handsome Chemistry teacher who owns a quad-core computer. p.s. I'm just trying to be like him. I learn from the best... XD) said that he really wants to continue on teaching us but he said this, "I don't like that smell lar... It doesn't smells good and might be dusty... Who knows what is going on in there(the AC)? These gas can be dangerous you know? And you all are making so much noise... How can I teach?". So, class was canceled and we must speed up the next lecture... Arhhh... >.<"...

Then came Biology practical(thank God it was a short experiment)...
Again, it was something to do with potato strips. Ughhh... I just hate to do experiments that involves onion or potato. One smells, the other sticky. =..="...

Saturday, October 10, 2009


A random post,
On a random day,
At a random time...

I hate this kinda feeling...

Its really part of me now...
Come to think of it,
I just a random guy,
In a random place,
At a random generation,
For a random reason,
Doing random things,
Such as posting this random post...

So random...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yes, you've got it!!!
This morning was FREE STARBUCKS day!

Initially we didn't know, but somehow Miss Ong a.k.a. Physics Practical Lecturer mentioned bout it during our Physics practical class... But the sad thing was that the promotion is held once a year and from 10am-12am. Our practical class ends at 10.30am and the next class starts in 30 minute's time.

We decided not to go for the free Starbucks coffee and had our breakfast in Canteen 1. Then, we obediently entered our Pure maths lecture in DK2. Miss Chin entered the class and talked bout the coming test(which will be in 2nd Nov).


The DK ran outta electricity. God was on our side. It was 11.05am at that time. Miss Chin insisted that we should stay in the class for at least another 10minutes. During that 10minutes time, someone broke the DK back door. The whole door came off the hinges.

10 minutes later...

Almost 1/2 of our lecture students came out on a journey for Starbucks FREE coffee!!! 5 cars in total!!! The whole Starbucks outlet in Jaya Jusco, Wangsa Maju is full of SN10e, g and h students... We seriously have the semangat perpaduan, seriously.
Paria-paria belaka... xD

These people...
Like orang kampung lar...
Typical Malaysian...
Joel a.k.a. Maradona chilling...
We, the good boys and good girls(Terrence Lee, Kevin Lee, Sarayu, Bobo and me) went back to our college at 12.05am for Bio lecture which starts at 12am. Luckily, we got an extra cup of coffee which we used to bribe Mr.Foo in the lecture. He was delighted with the cup of coffee and started to be a bit "siao" like the rest of us. xD