Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blog Revival

Kayu suddenly posted on my Facebook wall yesterday.
"Blog dead?"
It reminded me of how long I've not updated my blog. So, bro, this one's for you!

All I could say is I procrastinate 
and have became lazier by the days since I've come to UTAR. I realised this since a few weeks ago, during my mid-term. I could have studied like I used to and score perfect marks for both Chemistry and Maths and perhaps even Biodiversity. Instead, I spent my time enjoying - Football Manager, badminton, futsal, pool, karaoke, yadda yadda. Worse still, I am chilling though my results wasn't that good. Sometimes I do ask myself, "Ivan Ho, where have you gone to?" Perhaps I am still sour over the lost opportunity to study in UCL. Need help from my psychology friends, I guess.

Okay, screw that.
Anyway, its good to know that there is still people concerned about me, at least my blog still have its no.1 fan a.k.a Ean Foo a.k.a Kayu. Its sort of a way of communication between us I guess, since we seldom meet each other and rarely have the time to talk about our lives. We're lucky we still do think of each other sometimes. Recently I've been disheartened by a friend whom I appreciate very much and whom have totally forgotten about my birthday. Well, perhaps all your studies, events and outings have made you too busy to even think about me. Or maybe I'm not even in your list of friends in the first place. I still wish you well though.

Many things have happened recently.
I'll talk about them in the next post or so. If not, Kayu could not stalk me, eh? Haha. Ciao, bro!