Sunday, January 31, 2010

Elle's Sweet 16

Well, this is one of the oddest birthday party I've ever attended.
First of all, its my lecture-mate's little sister's birthday. And I only know 2 person out of the whole bunch of people there - Elle(The birthday girl) and her sis, Denise(My lecture-mate).

Once again,
I had to take the LRT(Its now officially my most trusted public transport) all the way from Wangsa Maju to KLCC and wait for Denise to fetch me. We were suppose to meet at 5.30pm... And like I always say "never trust Malaysian timing", Denise came at 6.30pm with her mom driving(thank God for that)... =P

Before Denise come to fetch me,
I went for a teddy bear hunt around KLCC and ended up fruitless... I passed through a stall that sells tiny bolsters but never realised until I've done walking up and down on both side of KLCC... I was walking through the last time and stopped to look at the bolsters... I was planning to get something bigger but there were only small bolsters... One particular bolster(with a teddy head with a sweat mark on its forehead) caught my attention and I bought it immediately without thinking...

We arrive at Hard Rock Cafe at 7pm.
It was my first time going there. I'm not from the jungle! But it just happened that I've never been there... The place is really nice with lots of decoration of a variety of band photos, guitars and costumes... And a really got chatty environment with lots of "mat salleh" too! Elle was busy with her friends and I gave her the bolster telling her "it looks like you when you're angry and you can strangle it when you're angry!"...

Elle promised to layan me but her sis was doing her part...
But too much because Afiq(Denise's boyfriend) was there too... He's a fun guy to hang out with - he craps the craps, sticks his face into the cake just for Elle, very outgoing and likes to say "chi pek"... XD I've met a few new friends like Nick, Jimmy, Zy(she's a Chinese/Japanese mix), Sam, Iman and a few more which I don't remember their names... We had fun talking bout stuffs like language, why guys cant check out girls when the girls feel normal to check guys out, stories and simply just crap.

The food was okay.
Afiq claimed that he can cook better though. Who knows? He might be... After all, he's doing Hospitality at Taylors'... After the meal, Elle took a shot of tequila and got a bit "light headed"... She keep on stressing that she's okay and she's not drunk when we didn't say anything. One of her friends asked her "4x2 equals to?" and she answered(after thinking for some time) "4 lar...".. Then another asked(while pointing at the teevee) " is this a television or a microwave?". Elle responded "MICROWAVE??? Of course its a tv lar... I'm not drunk, okay?"..

We left sometime after that.
Elle walked like having a tail between her legs... She told us that "the flowers are BLOOMING"... XD Denise even said "Yeah, your flowers are BLOOMING". Elle said(while touching the flowers) " I know right???" and gave us a BIG SMILE... She was so cute! =D While we were walking to the Afiq's car in the car park, Elle asked "why cant we take the elevator? I'm lazy to walk lar..."... Afiq fetched us back with his car. He was really nice and kept apologizing bout the messiness of his car... Elle was like "my head is so light!!!" and whenever I look at her, she'll say "I'm not drunk!!!"... Afiq dropped me off at Jelatek LRT station and I came back to the hostel...

It was really a cool experience... I had a lot of fun talking with them... =)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

NS Mega Outing II

Its not exactly Mega Outing II...
(I missed a few outings)

The day started off quite gloomy(because of the freaking Chemistry test)...
I scored 19/33 which is damn freaking low with 3 questions that have debatable answers... Was kinda moody after the test... Things got bit better when I was on my way to PJ. I took the same train with Glenn and Esther(the Selangor basketball player)... We talked the whole journey...

It was frustrating at PJ...
I arrive at the Kelana Jaya LRT station and waited for 40 minutes but not even a single bus going to OneU! It was raining at that time! Then I met Sam and Hon Fai at there... We talked a little then they had to leave... Few minutes later, a black Kembara suddenly honked me... I was blurred for a moment then only I realised the guy behind the wheels is Jackson and Teyra.

The three of us are not from PJ.
We were like "how to go OneU ar?"... Haha... But the best way is just going straight and we managed to reach OneU safe and sound... We reached at 6pm and we were suppose to meet up with the others at 7pm. We walked around then ate A&W(its nearly extinct at Kuantan) to 'tahan'... Malaysian timing, never trust the time we set.. We ended meeting at 7.45pm and ate at 8pm..

Many people came and even more who ffk-ed.
Sam, Jun Jun, Janey and Sook Yee are the ffk-ers. The attendees are Dom, Jason, Richard, Wei Siang, Allen, Sing Yang, Jul, Jackson, CM, Teyra, Michelle, and Eilynn... We had many topics and kept talking until we forgot the time... Jason, Teyra and i left at 10.30pm and rushed to the LRT station. I reached there by 11.15pm and the LRT operation hours are till 11pm.. I was lucky enough to catch the last train back to Wangsa Maju.

The ride took 50 minutes and there were very little people in the train.
It was kinda eerie.. Made me think of the horror movie bout the guy who took the train alone... LOL... Reached Wangsa Maju at 11.40 and had to take a taxi back to my hostel...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


This 3 weeks have been really tiring...
Classes from 8am to 3pm everyday... Replacement classes on the past 2 Saturdays... 112 hours of class in 16 days... Test 4 is around the corner... AS is 3 1/2 months away...

Today is the most significant day that proved I'm at my very limit.
Slept 7/10 of the time during class. I've tried my very best to keep my eyes open but refused. Besides, the boredom is back to haunt me... Just like during Form 5... During Bio practical, Bo aka Yen Yee asked me why my answer is so long just for a question. The only thing that came to my mind and also how I responded was telling her, "Your happiness have found you. I've yet to find mine and this (pointing at the practical book) is all I have for now. I hope my happiness will come with it."

When I was walking back to hostel,
I've heard a diploma student saying he count everyday till the end of his course and he feels happy because each time he count is like one day down 'x'day(when you don't know the value, just use 'x') to go. At that instance, a thought struck me. "My life sucks, I'll never be happy. Not until I've tasted success". It just keep me going on...

However, the stress is getting the best of me...
I wish someone will call and ask how am I...

*Just another 10 months to decide my fate. No matter what, i must stay on. Regardless the fatigue, stress, anything...*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bio Part 2

Topic of the day: Motor Neurons

Mr.Foo: It is good to have very thick axons. It has large surface area for the polarization mar. So, the nerve transmission is faster lor... For example, earthworms have very thick axon. If you touch it, it will only move a little. But if you put it inside boiling water, it will flicker vigorously...
Prisca: Then why we cut the earthworm into two it wont die?
Mr.Foo: Because it seems ah, insects are like no brain one. They only have ganglion. So, they wont die lor...
Mr.Foo suddenly pause and think...
Mr.Foo: You know the mantis? The insect with two pincers?
Everyone trying to describe the insect.
Mr.Foo: The female mantis is much bigger than the male mantis... Male mantis can only mate one time, you know why?
Someone at the back row: Because it will die after mating?
Another person: Why they so stupid?
Mr.Foo: Yes, and they are insect mar. No brain mar... So, they still do it. Just like man ar... They give money to the woman and then the woman run away...
Marquez: Must be personal experience lar...
Prisca: How the mantis die?
Mr.Foo: The male mantis are cautious, they will dance and distract the female mantis. Then the female mantis will act like distracted to let the male "grab" her... Then the female quickly turn and "grab" him... The female will cut the male's head off...
Everyone laughed...
Marquez: Sir, if the male's head is already cut, how they mate?
Mr.Foo: Because the male doesn't need the head to mate mar. They have no brain, so, the body can still function mar...
Everyone laughed...
Syed (the American guy): I cant believe it man... That's crazy yo... (In thick American accent)
Marquez: What the heck man... Its like doing "that" with a dead body... So sick man...
The front row, including Marquez, Syed, Tze Jian, Larry and I laughed...
Mr.Foo: After they mate, the female mantis will eat the male. From head to tale, nothing is wasted.
Joel: What a great dad! He give everything for his next generation...
Back to the lecture...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Faithful One

Its hard being a Liverpool fan.
Its been so many years of waiting for a major cup, they are still waiting. And their recent form... Speaks louder than they ever did. Perhaps its time for Rafa to pass on the baton.
But there's still one afro guy from SN10H who still trust in him.
Meet Joel, the afro-Liverpool guy.
You'll never walk alone~

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yesterday night was fun.
Its a Friday night and I'm chilling with Jian, Kev, Cynthia aka Monkey aka Boom boom pow, Mimi and Ivy in my room. Cynthia was sitting on Jian's bed while the others on mine. We were chatting and Jian went to take his shower. When he came back, this is what happen:
Jian(talking to Cynthia): If you want sleep then you sleep lar. Just lie down lar.
Everyone laughed.
Cynthia(in a half sleeping, sitting position): Why want me to sleep?
Jian: Nolah, you look very tired mar. You sit like that very seductive.
Everyone laughed loud loud.
Cynthia: Where got seductive?
Jian(looking at Physics practical book): I shall look at my book. Can't look at you.
Actually what Jian meant was that Cynthia looks very tired and he's just offering his bed for her to sleep.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mr.Foo-Bio PRO

Event: Bio lecture by Mr.Foo
Date: 15/1/2010
Time: Some time between 10.00am-11.00am
Venue: DK2
Mr. Foo: The chloroplast has 2 layer of membranes. Why? Anyone can tell me?
Whole lecture hall remained silent.
Mr.Foo: Why it has two layer of membranes instead of one?
Mr.Foo: Yes, you're right. You see ah, the chloroplast membrane is very thin. It is weak and might break. So it is NOT SAFE ENOUGH if there is only one layer mar.
Whole lecture hall laughed.
Vi: Sir, why it has 2 layers but not 3?
Mr.Foo: Why? Because 3 layers TOO THICK mar . NO FEEL mar. NOT FUN lor.


As promised in my last post,
here are the pictures...(just very few of them)
January intake orientation...
The Oman-ese... =P
From left: Alexis, Nikkhil, Lai, Me, Jun Han, Jeff and Shin Ju
Snapshots of my hostel...
My room is facing the forest, no problem with heat at night...
The study table and wooden shelf..
Note the books scattered around... I've been a really good boy now... Study everyday... xP
My closet...
Its very very OLD... Doubt that you can such closet in the furniture store...
Finally, my bed...
It has a funny sound whenever I turn my body... The problem is solved with putting a piece of plastic bag between the metal bars of the bed.
Too bad that I've never got the chance to take the photo of my roommate...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2nd Post for This Year

I've just started my 2nd sem for a week.
Everything are back to normal college life and I've moved in to the hostel. The hostel ain't bad at all. In fact, its kinda fun because many of my friends are there. My roommate aka classmate aka Chin Tze Jian are great too. We might seem to be from different worlds(one from a care-free dimension and the other from an intense one) but we somehow can get together well. Sometimes we can create a "study aura" around each other when either one of us starts to study. Or simply said, I'm kinda embarrased when he's studying so hard and I'm still slacking off.
For the past 10 days,
I've been doing almost the same things each and everyday. During the week days, I've to wake up early in the morning to go for class. My sem 2 schedule is really a pain. Classes from 8am to 3pm daily. After class, I'll go back to hostel and wash clothes or sleep. Wake up at around 5 or 6pm. Have dinner. Then back to room and study. It may sound lifeless but its okay. Just a year. It'll pass real quick.
Yesterday was lil bit off the course.
I volunteered to help out in the 2010 January intake. There were nothing much to do though. I was assigned to be one of the 20 facilitators to bring the juniors around and play games. In the end of the day, my team, the Omanese(I assume Oman is some middle-eastern country, idk) got 2nd. Just a point off the first spot.
I'll post some photos the next post cause I didn't bring my M2 USB Stick with me.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Approximately one year ago,
I've celebrated new year with my NS friends...

A year later,
I'm still spending the moment with Dominic Thoo aka PANJANG and Darren Lau aka Elf!
We went to Zam Zam at 11pm then Satay Zul at 12am.
We did something really silly - called Julius aka Fat Ju on the phone and sang happy bday song along with Leong Kiat.

Resolutions for 2010,
> Study like a freak, play like a crazy dude.
> Gain some weight(if that is even possible).
> Get an offer from overseas Uni and get the hell outta here!