Saturday, August 11, 2012

Past One Year

Days have pass and months have gone..
How was your life the past one year?
Approximately one year ago, I was at JPA office, Cyberjaya.
With hopes that my dream of studying in UCL can somehow be fulfilled. At that very day, my dream was taken away and reality have taught me not to dream big. But the dream didn't not end there. I was given the slightest of hope - a defer. Another one year time to fulfil my dream.

One year have past since that day.
The dream have officially died out a few days ago where I have no choice but to decline the offer of my lifetime remorsefully. Once again, I am pulled away from the utopia that I am looking for. Ever further.
So, how have it been for the past one year?

Ich bin nicht traurig, aber ich bin nicht zufrieden!