Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Imperfect or Perfect?

In this world, there is no perfect or imperfect.
It is a measure in which is self-defined. As a perfectionist, I may not be happy with what others consider "perfect". At the same time, I never think of myself as perfect. Not even near. Thus, I conclude that it is just our conception on something. And sometimes, we just need to set our mindset in a way that perfection is achievable in our own standards. It is the perfection of imperfection or imperfection of perfection (depends on how you want to decipher it) that makes something or someone perfect.

"Everything is imperfect, therefore, everything is perfect."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Our life is like a stretch of endless road.
Within this endless road lies intersections of traffic. We never know when it will be congested and when it will not be. And within this system, there are no traffic lights, whatsoever. The only way to control the traffic is by the flow itself. Hence, if there is a flaw in the system, the traffic will become chaotic and accidents happen. As we know, nothing in life is perfect. Thus, this system is bound to fail and that is when we experience the downsides of life.

GOD, I'm so CONGESTED with life.

Can you spare me a traffic light to control this traffic flow for just a moment?