Saturday, September 11, 2010


An outing with my high school buddies.
A few of them is missing - Kayu, Cho, Sean, Kelvin.. We went to watch Resident Evil 4 which I'm quite lost with the plots (after all, RS3, 2 and 1 was produced way too long ago). Seth said it was totally different from the game and I've no idea. One thing I'm sure of, the girls totally don't like it - too much killing, little story and all bloody.

We went to Sungai Pahang walkway after the movie.
The next day, or I should say 1 and 1/2 hour after the movie, is actually Li Ann and Jamie's birthday. We made a last minute plan to buy a cake and give them a surprise celebration but all the bakeries are closed. Anyhow, we did sing birthday song and gave them a little gift.
Hanged around the walkway till 12.30am and went back.

It was real fun to get everyone (not exactly all) to hang out.
We're all wacky and weird but sane. =D
All of us gonna miss gou lou because he'll be leaving us soon.

*the posers*

have no idea when we'll be having such outing again...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Uni Uni Uni

What a hectic week!!
The time has finally come for me to decide which Uni to apply for.
I didn't realise that it would be so difficult to apply for Uni. Since I wanna study in UK, I gotta apply through UCAS. It was suppose to be easy to apply. Just follow the guidelines and voila, application sent!

Well, that is if you've time that is.
I was asked to complete everything, including writting my personal statement, find a referee to write a reference, research on the course and Uni I wanna apply for and submit everything in 3 days! It took me the whole night to plan and write my ps draft. T__T

Luckily I've got guidance from my bro, Kelvin and counsellor.
Could've imagine how clueless I would be without their help. Thanks to my bro, I manage to finish pretty much everything except my ps (which needs a lil bit of tweaking) and my reference. Once done, I'm a free man again. I wish...

A2 trials is coming and I'm sitting for 4 Physics papers.
Why I take physics?? T__T
Luckily other subjects are all cool. Should brush up my maths though.