Friday, April 30, 2010

Back on TRAX~

The study is back yo!
Its kinda late but its better to be late then never!

I've decided to put my basketball shoes in the closet for good this time - well, at least till the end of AS.

The quest to get back this feel is not easy at all...
First, you have to endure the lust for relaxation...
Then, you must reduce your playfulness...
Forget about the fun of basketball...
And make your way to weave a cocoon - like a worm, preferably book worm.

The few contributing things/events are:
1) The official results for Mid-course/ trials are out - My results sucks...
2) I've wasted too much time - feel bad about that...
3) My friend asked me a few maths questions and I failed to answer - completely forgotten everything...
4) I went to play pool with some friends - reminds me of my past.

No.4 was the main factor.
When I was playing pool, it was a flashback - of the drastic ups and downs in my 19-years of life. It reminds me of the club house that dad use to own. Yeah, I was born with a silver spoon. But things change as time go on... Completely changed my life and how I value my life. When you're on the zenith, everyone will "polish" your shoes. Once you plunge into hell, every person will turn off your pledge. Ever since then, I've been telling myself to prove a point in life that I don't need help from anyone - by studying hard. I'm half way there but was trailing a few laps.

Now is the time to push everything aside. Time to ROCK and ROLL baby!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hidden stress?

Monday was a day wasted at college.
This is due to the launching of the water fountain at our SPUS H-block. It was suppose to be a go-green thing. But in my opinion, its a waste of time, effort, and money - our money. Besides, why need an artificial pond as a go-green project? I'm not against landscaping or tree-growing. The main point is - its artificial. What's the fuss? =..="...

Once again, aren't there any good speaker in the house?
Of all the people, Gabriel (not as you've probably imagine - the 6-feet tall, wingless angle that protects the mother of the next saviour of mankind in the movie) was chosen as the master of ceremony (MC). His level of LAMEness is what Pak Cik Loh will label as MONUMENTAL MORON. Quote of the day from Gabe: I will block the wind from blowing the balloons/ I will pop your balloon. That's beyond god-like weih... Should have taken a video clip of Pak Cik Loh when he said that.

But I must praise the guy who performed.
His beat-boxing skills are great even though the sound system potong steam.

Balloons and fishes was sold to the students as part of "charity".
I don't see where that is going. Anyhow, at the peak of the ceremony, the fishes were to be let off into the pond and those who bought the balloons were suppose to let the helium-filled rubber to fly off to the sky... For your knowledge, a fish costs 5bucks while the balloons are 2bucks each. You buy em and let em go just like that... COOL STORY, bro! (Learnt that from Terence =D)

The evening was okay.
Well, sort of...
Cause I went for basketball with the rest. I wouldn't say that it was time wasting like some people would say. If you think that playing basketball is time wasting, why don't you just go and be a friggin lifeless bookworm? It is one of the many things that help you get healthier - physically and mentally. One thing is quite concerning though, my temper is starting to build up. Time to cut the temper before its too late.

Dinner was nothing short of COOLness.
With Ter around, anything story can be a cool one - like the ones his grandmother tells. Ter and Mei Yan was studying at the library and bumped into us when they were leaving. Then we had dinner together. Its the first time the people from B, C, E, and H to eat together. We had fun and shared many COOL STORIES.

After dinner, we went back hostel.
I was stoning the whole night after bath. Feeling really bad after I've talked with mom through the phone. I've talked to her with a heavy tone after she started to nag me for not answering dad's call during dinner. I was wrong for not realising but mom was a bit exaggerated. But still, its not right for me to do that... So, SORRY MOM! Was in a bad mood at that time... I really don't know why... Perhaps its hidden stress? Starting to show its streak?

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Blog: Having A Say

I've just started another blog yesterday.
Everyone would probably ask me why wanna have so many blogs.
Well, this blog is for posting things that happen in my daily life including random stuffs.

The new blog, however, is for me to express my thoughts on interesting topics.
Things that most of my friends would have probably ignore or would say I'm sick if I talk to them about it.
Thus, the birth of the new blog: Having A Say

In this blog, you'll be able to see my serious side.
I'll use the blog to improve my language and also increase my level of maturity.
The topics included sports, politics, education, and many more.
Feel free to drop by!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sick, Bored, Mood-less = Never study

Well, AS is just 3 weeks away...
I've yet start studying (otherwise I won't be sitting here and blogging my time off)...
To be frank, I've no idea what there are for me to study...
I mean, if its revising, yes, there are much to do.
Study, I've gone through all my notes so many times till I've lost count.
Each time I go through the notes, I'll be like clicking the REFRESH button.

Besides, I'm beginning to feel kinda guilty for skipping classes.
Yup, skip class...
Not very typical of me but I've did it...
For the sake of sleeping.

I was hit by some unknown, new-strand of flu like symptom plus ulcers, sore throat, cough and headache.
No worries, its not HINI.
Guess its just what the old people often say,
I've been eating too much "heaty" food - Mamak, malay food, fast food, bak kut teh, etc.
All those heat sums up and I've became "overheated" just like a radiator.
Luckily all is reduced to an ulcer and minor sore throat.

The whole week passed by rather quick.
Or should I say, time passes real quick when you sleep?
I've slept 50% of the week away.
I don't know why and how I can sleep for 12 hours a day yet feeling sleepy all the time.
I've even got lazy of playing basketball.
Perhaps my sub-consciousness is telling my brain that I should rest for a week before going full steam ahead?
I barely studied anything this week.
Except for going through the 03 October/November Bio Papers and a few Chem Paper 1.
Maths, Physics and GP - none.

Guess this is the time for me to beef up all the subjects.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Piggie-fied

Yup, you've not mistaken the title.
I'm indeed Piggie-fied.
This is how the story goes...
It was a boring Wednesday (I mean yesterday)...
I happen to have Bio first in the morning and as usual, Mr.Foo's voice is such a lullaby.
Then came Physics practical and to be frank, I'm not a big fan(to Physics).
Supposedly, I've class 1/2 hour after the practical.
Guess what?
I skipped Applied, Pure and Chem!!!
Wasn't proud of it but still, yeah, I did it.
For the sake of sleeping.
After all, I'm kinda sick okay?
(making a lame excuse, the sick part is true though)
And so, I went back to hostel...
Changed my clothes and hit the bed.
Slept at 1pm...
Woke up at 5pm...
Went for dinner at 7pm...
Came back, studied 5 Chapters of Bio...
(It might sound alot but I can do better if I want to)
Fall asleep at 10pm...
My deep slumber ends only at 8.20am this morning...
I've spent more than 1/2 a day sleeping!
I'm such a PIG now....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not Feeling Right

This week, I've randomly decided to come back home.
Home as in the Kuantan-home (I consider TARC hostel my 2nd home).
And its not the best of ideas.
Most of the time, I feel more comfortable at my 2nd home.
Perhaps I've fully adapted to live on my own and have my own time.
I've fallen in love with the freedom I've gotten for living away from home, away from my family and away from Kuantan.

At home, not having a SMALL problem is a BIG problem.
Having a BIG problem is a DISASTROUS problem.
NO problem is a CATASTROPHIC problem.
In short, there is a constant degree of PROBLEM at home.
At TARC, ANY problem is NOT a problem when IT CAN BE SOLVED.

Beside, being at home means I must be the one who WAITS...
And DEFINITELY not the one who are being WAITED...
E.g. Case 1: Dad go work, me wait dad come back at 6.45pm for dinner at 7 something. Me good boy.
Case 2: Dad go work, me go basketball, I come back at 7pm for dinner at 7 something. Me bad boy.
At TARC, I don't need to give a damn.
I can:
1) Sleep till 8pm then only eat.
2) Play basketball whenever I want.
3) Go where ever I want without any restriction.

Anyhow, Kuantan is still my home...
My family is here...
I was born here...
I grew up here...
Had my early education here...
Met my closest friends here...
Met her here...
Its almost everything to me...
And I misses this place.

To sum things up, I'm not feeling right here or there.
Is there a place for me???

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


There are nothing much that happened last week.
It passed by peacefully and I've wasted every single moment either by playing basketball, sleeping or just plain "buat bodoh"... Starting to be infested by the Piggie Syndrome...

I've gotten most of my trials result.
It is not pretty...
General Papers-Unknown.
Chemistry-58, 2 mark short to a C.
Physics-61, right on my target.
Maths-72, kinda disappointed with my Pure Maths.
Biology-79, 1 mark short of an A.
Freaking sad case.
Well, at least I'm still retaining my scholarship. Unless I fail my GP. Touch wood! Touch wood!!!

Talking bout wood makes me think of Kayu.
Touch Kayu! Touch Kayu! xD
Please don't mistaken, I'm straight, not gay. I miss many of my "Last Minute Gang". Its been so long that we last hangout as a complete gang - we do hang out once in a while but in a much smaller group. I've texted Kayu yesterday. It is good to know that the fellas at MMU (Kayu, Chibi and Musang) are doing well. Wei Shan is scoring his As as usual at Uniten, Ching is going to end her matrix soon, Cho and Sean should be doing fine in SABS. Not so sure about the rest though... See them often only on Facebook.

Kayu even urged me to make a move on who-you-know.
I've thought bout it but never dare to think far. After all, we're doing great as friends for the time being. I mean, I'll call her every now and then just to know her situation. She was sick the other day and I got kinda worried. I checked her up through phone calls few days consecutively. Most probably she'll just think that I'm a caring friend. Jian even joked that I look so joyous and "full of love" when I call her. Crappy roommate. He himself doesn't dare to make a move on the person he like. "What is yours, is yours." Sounds like some old conservative guy and he is.
Wait till he sees this post.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brave Sword Try-out

Last Monday was badminton day.
It was a random plan by Theeben and I because we've nothing to do. I figured that it was a good opportunity to bring Kyle's Brave Sword along and give it a try. The original plan was to play at TARC Sports Complex but it was booked for some kinda activity. Then T-ben asked his friends for venue suggestion and found a place at Sri Rampai. The place is still quite new.

Many of our lecture mates came along.
Tze Jian, Leeverpool, Chest Chest, Vinayakraj, Wye Kik, Jeremy, Denise, Mimi and Cynthia Boom Boom Pow Monkey Big Bicep Beruk Lee Suan Chin came together in 3 cars driven by Joel, Wye Kik and T-ben.

The price for court rental is RM20 per hour and shuttles are RM25 per dozen.
It was a lot cheaper compared to Challengers at Cheras. And saves time traveling there too.
ps: I don't like Challenger. Made me emo the last time we went there.
We played for 2 hours and went to have our dinner at McD-the place where you can get free refill as reckoned by Vi.

I'm not particularly good in badminton.
After all, I've quit badminton since standard 6. I can't even smash properly now... Thanks to the old injury on my wrist. The only 2 pros amongst us are T-ben and Chester. One used to be a state player and another had trainings during his younger days. Both are equally good. We had a good time playing and really enjoyed the day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy With Life?

Have you ever had this question popping out of yer mind?
I had it yesterday...
Should I say this morning???

Anyhow, it was 2.30am, I was heading to "WONDERLAND" after shutting down my laptop then out of no where, the question popped outta my mind...
My mind was working like a calculator with the plus, minus, multiply and dividing.
I got so puzzled up with it till staying awake for another one hour or so...

The first thing that crossed my mind was my FAMILY.
It was sorta multiplied manner as we're living a much better life compared to a few years back. Dad have gotten a job for a year plus after recovering from his back complications. Mom have gotten a better paid/ better boss job. Simon managed greatly reduce his drinking habit while maintaining a much cooler brain. Kyle(Kelvin) is having a great time at Cambridge and Samantha ain't doing too bad in her high school. Family conflicts and financial problems are down the drain.

Second, the person I've HAD a crush and STILL HAVING a crush.
I've been talking to her more than I've talked to her for the past 10 years. It was like a few booze of morale vodkas each time I talk to her through the phone. I've found out a few more things about her and I think she pretty much feels the same. Of course, some of the times I prefer to just listen to her giggling and just forget all the thoughts mingling in my mind. Even though I can't see her as often as I can in primary/secondary school, I enjoy our close but seemingly not so close friendship in a way that I've got a friend that understands my thoughts better than others. I wouldn't make a move and hopes that things between us will stay as it is for now...

Third comes the death blow - my studies.
Like I've said in the past few posts, I've been studying like CRAZY. Persistent enough to study for more than the sum of effort I've given in my high school life. Yet, it doesn't seem to get me going anywhere. We've gotten a few of our papers back and I've gotten an A, a B and C. It was really disappointing. I might the current top of the class but I've toppled to below average which deemed to be unacceptable in every possible ways. Some people might come to me and say, "Ivan! How can you get such good results?", good results are too crude and vague for a lame table such as mua. A wastrel I am. No matter how much effort is channeled in, the out come will only be the same. I'm not the game master but merely a pawn.

Fourth is the complication - the future.
One of the uncertainties and blanks that are yet to be filled. I've fear for it as it may not be the one that I've hoped for. It is true that when there is a will, there is a way. I'm afraid my way will neither be the highway or the subway but the hard way. With less profound intelligence as Kyle, I'm bound to work twice as hard, give thrice the focus and quadruple the time to study just to get my ass into Cambridge University. The path remains at mist and my torch is burning dimly, can i be persistent enough to reach the end of the road?

Before I can figure out an answer, I dozed into deep slumber...
I'm not in an emo state, so, no worries!!! Be happy!!! Its just a sudden thought that are a subject to stimulate the neurons in my brain - more or less like studying Physics, Chem, Maths, anything...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lamest GP Lesson

Last Thursday's GP lesson is super lame...
First, we were suppose to write on a piece of paper of the people in class whom is the most expressive face, most hilarious, teacher's pet, future prime minister, most imaginative, most eccentric, makes most money, best English, most likely to score straight As, etc etc...

Then, we were suppose to draw a tree-any tree.
Then exchange our "tree" with the person beside us. I've gotten Kev's "tree". It was one of the most outstanding trees I've ever seen. It has only 8 leaves, no branch, one thin trunk and fibrous roots. Mine have a cloud of leaves, four branches, a thick trunk and bulky roots. Based on the description that Ms.Joanna found on the web, Kev's "tree" reflects him as a person who have little intelligence, but channels all his strength on one thing and knows his goals while I'm a person with solid foundation and uses them properly but doesn't know where I'm heading. Saddddd... LOL...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Manufacturer: Victor
Wielder: Lee Yong Dae (Korean Men Double)
Weight: 82g
Composition: (frame) Ultra H.M. graphite + Nanocarbon
(shaft) Ultra H.M. graphite
Technology: Aerodynamic frame, Super waves, Shock less, Slim shaft, Square head shape, Nanotech, Carbon-wood handle, Non-slip end cap.

I like~ x)

Before/ After AS Trials

This two weeks have been super busy.
Have been studied like mad, ate with a bottomless stomach and lived a nocturnal life.
All thanks to AS Trials.
I've even exceeded Mr.Loh's suggestion of studying 10 hours/day.
Its crazy, I know...
Perhaps I have to live with it for another few years.
Now that the Trials is over, its like a burden off my shoulders.
Great news is that I'll be retaining my scholarship.
The downside, my grades ain't looking good enough.

Any how, the best thing about the Trials is I get to sleep during the afternoons.
Exam time is usually at 8.30am till 9.30am.
Plus minus the time I take my breakfast, I get to sleep at 12pm till 6pm.
Larry, Tze Jian and I formed a human trafficking syndicate to smuggle Joel Leeverpool in and out of the hostel.
We enjoyed the MU-Liverpool match at TBR too.
Its fun watching MU trash Liverpool. =P

Dum Dum Mun Hoong yang SEXY, Keng Hong, Siew Ru and Bo came on Monday.
They didn't realise that the exam time was at 1.30pm.
Dum Dum didn't sleep the night before and dozed off.
He's trully SEXY~

Right after the last paper on Wednesday, we all went to KLCC to watch movie.
Kev, T-ben and Esther Chee Yuen Ting(Go Genting) tagged along.
We watched The Daybreaker.
The story line was okay but the ending seriously potong steam.
I was suppose to be playing futsal with the guys that evening.
But I was made moodless by some people and the journey was freaking time wasting.
I'll never go to that place again.

Now that the Trials is over, I'm a free man again.
Free till not knowing what to do.
Study perhaps???
LOL!!! =P