Thursday, September 2, 2010

Uni Uni Uni

What a hectic week!!
The time has finally come for me to decide which Uni to apply for.
I didn't realise that it would be so difficult to apply for Uni. Since I wanna study in UK, I gotta apply through UCAS. It was suppose to be easy to apply. Just follow the guidelines and voila, application sent!

Well, that is if you've time that is.
I was asked to complete everything, including writting my personal statement, find a referee to write a reference, research on the course and Uni I wanna apply for and submit everything in 3 days! It took me the whole night to plan and write my ps draft. T__T

Luckily I've got guidance from my bro, Kelvin and counsellor.
Could've imagine how clueless I would be without their help. Thanks to my bro, I manage to finish pretty much everything except my ps (which needs a lil bit of tweaking) and my reference. Once done, I'm a free man again. I wish...

A2 trials is coming and I'm sitting for 4 Physics papers.
Why I take physics?? T__T
Luckily other subjects are all cool. Should brush up my maths though.

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