Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yep, I realised that this bloggie's dead for the past one month.
Can't blame me, blame those freaking diploma guys/girls who never sleeps and lepak at the canteen grabbing all the line available plus the freaking exam is nearing (like real NEAR).
But guess I'll update it anyways.
If not, Kayu gonna complain. =P
I just gotta mention you, bro. And I'm not gay. Chibi either. He got gf already(which makes me damn sad). Cho's dealing with STPM. The other guy in Melacca too busy BEATing RICE. Go Russia find Sean or Gou Lou at US. LOL...
The following 5 weeks gonna be mad tough.
Luckily I'm not normal either. Besides, I'm officially owled. Sleeps in the morning wake up at 4pm, DAILY. Guess what, my roommate got owled too(yeah, the guy with good boy look that tells you "I gotta sleep at 11pm"). Probably because of me. Bad influnce. Tsk tsk.
Lets just hope that I'll do fine in the exam and hopefully get my plan working.
See ya, peeps! =D

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