Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The reality in this world is always cruel.
It never sympathizes the unfortunate nor it will be generous to the poor. It is so cold that it send chills to the heart. It shows us how lonely we really are. Sometimes, reality sends a rain of needle piercing through one's heart that it hurt so much, everything will just go numb.

In reality, we should realise,
that every individual have their own lives, their own problems, their own issues. Humans are selfish being. Perhaps that is why we need godly figures that can demonstrate selflessness to the world - someone or something that we can rely on. How about the atheist and non-believers? Well, they have to rely on themselves. If they rely on someone else (including family members, the other half, best friends, etc etc) too much, they will soon discover that they can't solve their own problems and these people will not (even if they can) help them out.

Reality will not follow ideals.
Life is not always as planned - things can go wrong anytime, anywhere, anyhow. You can plan your life anyhow you like but in the end it really depends. When a plan go wrong, we have no other options but to tweak ourselves to blend in. That's one thing that many failed to do. Human often think that they are the being born to lead (if not conquer) other living beings - having the brains and capability to do stuff. We fret when things don't go as planned because we aren't prepared for it.

Although reality is not always bad,
we must prepare ourselves for the worst. We need to solve our own problems. We need to stay up strong against all odds. Even though sometimes we feel cold at night, we need to embrace ourselves with our own hands and tell ourselves that it will be okay. This is because we are all we have and if we lose that, we lose it all. Thus, we must not give ourselves up and must get through whatever life throws at us!

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  1. Talking about relying, believers actually should be relying on God. God is something untouchable but can be seen with a truthful heart. Relying on God is not dependent person, yet growing in doing things that might seem to be impossible. Reality is what God has given, harsh and cold, like life is not always planned which is a hint that God want us to accept Him. If one sees evil, why not one sees God? I accepted Christ because I don't want to live like everybody else living for themselves, grow up and work for money and get married and that's it. In what I believe, the purpose of life is more than that. Living for Him and do according His words that is spreading His gospel. I know it's something like fairytale and seems impossible but that's because of the reality that suppresses us from thinking and doing that. How one would love their parents if one does not face any trials of love like argument? This is what I think and believe. I know you respect of how I view but I really hope you can take time to think about it. After all, life is fragile and nobody is perfect.