Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What is wrong?

If I ever come across anyone who would ask me "what is wrong?"...

Boy boy boy...

You want to know what is wrong?

People go to school just to get good grades, not knowledge.

Teachers go to school to prey on their students, mentally and physically.

Politicians are siphoning off the people with no guilt.

But what hit me the hardest?

People who would not question to donate to religious houses but have every doubt to help the homeless, assuming that they are almost certainly fraud. Unwilling to even spend 5 minutes talking to them without ever having the slightest interest in their struggles. We could have saved a life by talking to a person who's depressed and on the edge of taking his/her own life but yet, we opt to spend time in religious houses, asking for forgiveness, blessing and what not.

We could do better. Yet, most of us choose not to because at the end of the day, everyone (we assume) is a cheater. Perhaps that is what it takes to sleep better at night?

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