Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SPUS OO Night Charity Basketball Comp!!!

My first competition since the last match at BHR between Alpha company and Charlie company!!!
The event was eventually for charity purpose. We were required to pay 10bucks per player and the money goes to the poor little kid in Gaza.(Well, I'm so kind that I just have to join the competition to show my support!!!) =P
Its a 3 on 3 competition. Each team must consist of minimum 5 players and maximum 7 players. I've found a few good players to be my team mate. There's this guy, Kelvin Wong, who happens to be 181cm tall and very accurate in shooting, Chee Shen, a stunning point guard that can play so quick even with an ankle injury, and Edward Go, a 183 forward that perfected his spin moves. The other 3 players are good but lack of experience and training. There's Kevin Lee, 180cm centre, Wye Kik, shooter guard and Yao Bang(a.k.a. Bang Bang), point guard.
The first day(yesterday) suppose to be the first round and the system suppose to be of grouping sessions with each game to be played for 20 minutes(10 minutes 1st half, 10 minutes 2nd half and 5 minutes rest time). However, the organisers decided to change the whole system into a death match. That wasn't the worst. The referees are the worst referees I've ever seen.
We lost 12-7, with Kelvin being smacked at his hand for at least 4 times, Edward slapped at his face, Kevin blocked a few times, a few fouls on me and Chee Shen. None of them were spotted by the referee.
But, after a long quarel between some team members and the organisers, they decided to have a remake on today. We went through the first round thanks to Chee Shen and Kelvin. But was knocked out by the same team that beat us yesterday. But the score were much closer this time. 5-4. The opposition was quite stunned by our team. They have a really good player in their team. A average height guy that can play both under basket and shooting. He is like 175+cm but can jump higher than Kelvin. Scary fella. They beat us and the next team only to be easily beaten in the finals(they lost because of exhaustion).
It was a good game. Despite losing to the same team for the second time, we knew that we did our best and was quite close to winning. Like what we always say "the ball is round". Anything can happen. I'm happy to meet these guys in my team. They're really awesome and we got each others' contact so that we can train together when we are free. Eventhough I've new team mates now, I still miss the 2008 SABS U-18 squad. We trained so long together. Its really like the quote on an Adidas ball I saw at Gurney "Basketball is all about the Brotherhood!!!"... I still can't find any players that have the same chemistry with me as Chibi, Yew Hau, Lam, Hoh and the rest of the gang... I'm wondering if I can ever play like those days again...

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