Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family of SN10e

The family of SN10e celebrated the birthday of four members of the house,
1) Jessica
2) Terrence Lee
3) Yao Bang
4) Marquez

We went all the way from TARC to Happy 4 Season at Wangsa Maju for it. It was real fun. All of us went crazy. Taking photos, dance and crap like bunch of kanak-kanak riang... LoL...

It's also the 2nd time that we hangout en masse. The first time were less people. We also made a early celebration for the futsal guys(Marquez, Aaron, John and Tze Jian) to win in the SPUS Sports Carnival, Piak Lin and BoBo for getting 3rd in badminton girls double and me for getting into the basketball semis... Then we wished the badminton mixed doubles(Piak Lin and Aaron) and swimmer(Piak Lin) for their game...

The Family of SN10e

The Birthday Kids, from mid to right: Jess, Marquez, Terrence and Yao Bang

The futsal team

The badminton people

The Wonderwoman and Wonderman

The foods

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