Thursday, August 20, 2009

SPUS Sports Carnival 2009

Event: SPUS Sports Carnival(Basketball Competition)
Date: 17/08/2009-20/08/2009
Time: After 4pm
Venue: TARC Basketball Court
First of all, I'm not suppose to join the competition. I came out with a briliant plan to evade from playing by putting all the responsibility on Kevin by saying 'I dunno, its up 2 u. U play, I play'.. But I never expected him to say he wana join...
Second, my team's organiser, V said there's a state player in my team so I was like I don't give a damn, just let them play and the state player can score alot... But only to find out that the fella that V talked about is not even a school player!!! =..="...
My team wasn't that bad but they are 4 of them which are friends and their team work lies within the 4 of them only. None of them play in the same kind of game that I'm used to play. But we somehow got into the semis and of course, lost miserably...
We played against Chee Shen and Adam, two of the best point guards in SPUS. Unfortunately I can manage to mark 1 person at a time... Throughout the match, I was really the only person doing everything... I mark both Chee Shen and Adam, I'm doing all the steals and run forward in every attemps... And the worst is whenever I run for a fastbreak, I shouted like a mad man for ball but none of my team mates pass the ball... I don't understand what freaking game they were trying to play... Slow and lose the ball... ><#
At that point, I really miss my SABS teammates... Kae Vin will make every possible far ranged pass, Chibi will give his best assuring support, Yew Hau controls the tempo, Dano will take all rebounds and the rest of the team is just great!!!

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