Sunday, November 28, 2010

Simon Ho My Brother

"Simon Ho My Brother"

I've given this post the name based on the new movie "Bruce Lee My Brother".
Like the movie, this post is a special post just for my eldest brother, Simon Ho Sau Man. Today is his 27th birthday.

In a blink of an eye,
you've gone through so much. From a rich boy to a troubled student to a alcoholic to a family man to who you are today. Its been almost 10 years since you've given up your future for the sake of this family - giving up architecture course and started working at 19 when our family is in deep crisis.

Perhaps, without you, I might not be who I am today.
Some people might say you've given up studying because you've lost interest in studies. But two months ago, while I was packing up the stuff in the store room, I saw your course work. It is hard to believe that you've lost interest in it. Your writing and drawings are much better than what I could've imagine. Those work are from your heart and soul. Is that "lost of interest"?

Screw what others think about you.
You will are and will always be one of my best motivation in life. I remember you said while we were on the way to Terengganu for your Rocket soy sauce sales, "I don't hope much. Just hope you guys(Kyle, Sam and I) study well". That will stay in my heart forever.

Perhaps you've given up in many things including life.
You've done many things that broke our hearts. But you've suffered, maybe too much. You spilled many things when you were drunk. Nobody realise that. I do. You're the best man next to dad. I thank God for bestowing me with a brother like you. I could never possibly repay what you've sacrificed. Thank you for being there.


Hopefully we've gone through the hardest of trial and tribulations.

Photos courtesy of Sam.

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