Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Like what people usually says,
December is the month where you sums up everything you've done. Evaluate the good and bad. Listing your acchievements and perhaps set new goals for the coming year. Indeed, many people loves December(based on their posts on Facebook), I don't know why.

December seems to be just another month in the calendar.
The very fond memories of this month is the holidays(except those taking SPM, STPM, Diploma,etc). Each year, we can enjoy one and half month of school holiday which actually makes us rot and want to go school earlier. That's human - wanting to go on holidays during school days and wanting to go school when its holiday.

I had a good year I must say.
I've done many things. Some are good, some bad, some just for the fun of it. However, time pass really fast when you enjoy it. Without noticing, my time at TARCollege have come to an end and I've departed with many of my friends. Looking back, we had gone through a really good time.

I've score fairly well in AS.
Done what I can to get myself an interview with Cam. Get myself involved in basketball competitions. Got myself attached. Went Penang and Ipoh. And many more that I've yet to list. Hopefully my plans can go on smoothly. =)

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