Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Our life is composed of choices.
Every second in our life, we are actually deciding what to do. When we see someone we are familiar with, should we talk to them or not? When we are working, should we continue with this project orstart a new one? When we are playing basketball, should we shoot or pass? When we are sleeping, should we sleep on our back or side?

Some people argued that there might be a few dimensions in this world.
In each dimension, the same person (for example, the same Ivan Ho) reacts differently to a certain situation. In this dimension, I will be chilling when being teased but the Ivan Ho in another dimension might be agitated. As such, the Ivan Ho in another dimension might be a high achiever or a lame table.

If the theory is accurate,
the people whom are successful in this dimension must be the perfect version of themselves. This is the dimension that they are making most of the right decisions. Perhaps in another dimension, they are just average Joes and average Janes. Who knows?

For me,
this dimension is not much better. I've made more than half the dozens of bad decisions in this life time. Hopefully, I can start making the right ones.

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