Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day.
Its like any ordinary Mother's Day that I've had. Just that this year I'm working at Maxis (yeah, working on Fri, Sat and Sun). Apparently, Speed Comm have this tradition of giving out carnations to mama customers during Mother's Day.

As part of Speed Comm staff,
I anticipated in giving out the flowers to those mama who walk past our shop. Never had I ever seen so many happy mamas. I went into Cosway (cause the owner is my mom's friend) and gave the flowers to the owner and a few other aunts shopping there. A stalk of carnation and a simple "Happy Mother's Day" worked wonders - I've never seen so many happy mothers around. They were all shinning.

I never knew what to give my mom.
But right after giving out the flowers to the aunts, I felt satisfied looking at their happy faces and thus concluded that mom will be happy with anything that I have to offer - a stalk of carnation and a simple "Happy Mother's Day". I know that mom is happy when I gave her the carnation. She's kinda surprised too. Didn't saw her reaction afterwards cause I went to bath. But it can't be bad isn't?

Mom, I love you.

p/s: the carnation can spare from nagging for the week eh? =P

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