Monday, September 19, 2011

There are nights which I just couldn't get myself to sleep.
When I close my eyes, I could see that hopeless boy who can't do anything to change his life and couldn't move on. Then I look deeper into this figure and realise I'm actually looking at myself. Life is cruel when you're at the wrong end of it. We've got to fight long and hard for what we want. At the end, we're not sure what we could get from the battles we've fought.

The glorious victories are all but fruitful.
The gains are temporary and the fame doesn't last. Look at your life and think again. What are dreams that we once dreamed? What was the goal that we wanted to achieve? What was the path that we've set our foot on? What is ahead?

I am estranged and confined in a puny space of nothingness.
As hard as I could try, the shackles will only tightens. The key is within grasp but it was just a mirage created by pure imagination of a boy who are beaten, tired and wanting to get himself out of this mess. What is the use of a big heart when it is not meant for this petty world? What is worthy when everything else doesn't matter? And what is going on with life?

I need an answer!
Please give an answer to my life!
Show me where I went wrong!
I'm asphyxiating in this radical state!

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