Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Life is really miraculous.
It is a smooth sail for some. And for the rest, it is nothing less than a ride at Hades' backyard. You'll be tempted, trialed and tempered in the fire of Hell. Nothing you do seems to be easy. Each time you see the shores, only to realize that it is another deserted island with hungry demons waiting to cut the flesh out of your skin one piece at a time.

Understanding that staying idle will not help,
you paddled across the endless sea. Under the roaring sea are shadows of vicious creatures with tentacles, fins and jaws waiting for a meal. Soon, your energy runs, dehydration sets in and delusions seems like reality. Finally you collapsed under exhaustion. The world seems much better as you're drifting in your semi-conscious state. Your thoughts are the acme of power and everything that you've ever dreamed are all happening at the second that it crosses your mind. The sky's the limit! At this moment, you feel all suffering and pain is gone.

Life is miraculous.
Suddenly you heard a loud bang and shaken you out of your fake euphoria. Reluctantly, you open your eyes and saw a beam of bright silvery light over the horizon. Home is right in front of your face. Your family waiting at the doors, excitement written on their face. You sprinted like you've never felt the firm grounds before and your mother gracefully open her arms like an angle spreading her wings to embrace you in her warmth. Stunned, you felt blood shots in your eyes as if you're staring at the eyes of Medusa with six inch of hard cold steel piercing through your stomach.

As it turned out,
everything was nothing more than an illusion. Your mind was playing tricks on you. The home that you saw was a thick forest and your family members are individual trees. That you've sprinted towards a tree trunk and had your stomach ripped by a splint of a remaining branch. However, the physical pain were not felt. Instead, a sharp, intense torment of all hopes are lost was the only feeling that can be felt. You dropped down on your knees and felt on your side. Curled like a baby in a mother's womb, you were shivering like a robbery victim that was stabbed and left to die a slow, lonely death.

Slowly but surely,
your mind slips into emptiness. Everything seems to have come to an abrupt pause - the breeze stopped blowing, the water seized flowing, the leaves suspended in mid air. Like a faulty television, your vision begun to turn grey, blurry with occasional lapses. Your body creeps from shivering cold to numb and finally to nothingness. You can hear nothing but the fading beats of your weakening heart desperately trying its best to pump blood to your brains. The volume knob twisted to less than a whisper. The world turned ever so silent. Nothing seen, nothing felt, nothing heard, nothing seems to add up. NOTHING! Pitch black.

"Am I dead?"
That was the last thing in mind. As you were sinking into your "death", you had ignored a feeble, minute bark. A bark so familiar that it ringed in your head with a steady increasing intensity. Eventually the barking brought you back to your senses. At the end, you realize that it was your dog barking at the early rubbish truck. It feels so good that it was all but a dream.

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