Sunday, September 27, 2009

College As USUAL..

Well, I've been back here since Wednesday.
Nothing much has changed except Steve(my roommate + cousin) has been gone for his end-semester break and moving out of the house.
And of course, its much better that way. Now that nobody will be around, I'll have more time on my own and study without eyes setting on me.(as if i really study that much) I really enjoy being alone at certain time-most of the time. I can just be who I am and do what I enjoy most.

Never the less, dad bought me a laptop-finally...
Its a Compaq Presario CQ40-502AU.
Not really the best of laptops but I managed to con the shopkeeper to upgrade my RAM to 4Gb.
I took the model with AMD Athlon X2 with ATI Radeon Graphic Card rather than the Intel Core Duo. Better graphics and almost similar performance for the same price!
My bro gave me his Belkin(we tend to call it Beh Hiao Kin which means no problem in Hokkien) wireless mouse too... He even tweaked my laptop to give an optimum performance...
What else could I ask for?
*BIG GRIN* =)))
I'm quite worried that this laptop will keep me away from the books but I'll try to resist the temptation. Haha.

Got to survive Test 3 which is 1 month due from now.
Test 2 was a failure.
My overall marks improve by a little bit but I'm not satisfied with it though. And again my Bio was really close to an A-74 marks. I got 73 marks... =..="...
The only thing I'm proud of, is for sure, my Applied maths. Got 48/50. Highest in the lecture but the actual total mark should be 52, Ms. Chua, my Apmaths lecturer screw up the markings. Haha. Chem and Physics are still as disappointing as ever. With GP dropped from 98 to 65... >.<#... Sad case...
Screw Test 2, I'll do better for Test 3. 74 for Bio!!! Aiming for an average 70 marks.

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