Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My second elder bro, Kelvin always make me think twice with his words. 80% of the things that he said to me is really useful when the time comes...
One of them sounds like this:

"Friends, I have many. But best friends, I have none and don't need any. I treat everyone equally and most of them treat me as their best friend. And its better that way."

This is superb.
It is really true-that's what I'm experiencing at my college.
But it's not in the positive way though.
Its really disappointing for me to have experienced such a situation because I'm "indirectly proportional to that theory", in a sense that I values my friends greatly and chooses to be close to some of them. That is exactly where the problem comes in...

It happened recently and revolves around me and two of my friends at college which i should not mention their name. Well, I'll just name them A and B. A and B was really close at the time we newly know each other. The first incident occurred about a month ago when A told me that she felt strange bout B. A expressed that A was so disappointed that B treat A in such way that shows that B doesn't care bout A. A also told me that B thinks that I've been acting different since our first break. At that time, I was quite close to B and treats B as my sibling as we have some similarities.

So, I decided to solve the problem by consulting B.
It wasn't a bad idea. At that moment, B was having some personal problems too. B confessed that B was having some problems and I talked B through. We spent quite some time sitting beside the pool and shared B's problem(sharing means caring... =P), our problems, as well as the incident between A and B. At the end of the day, B told me that B got an idea of what to do. B promised to treat A better and will solve the problem. I TRUSTED B's word and felt really happy, at least, during that moment.

Three weeks later, we just came back from our Raya break.(Last week)
That is when the second outbreak shown its signs. Both A and I noticed a significant change in behavior in B. B was like another person to me. I'm used to treat B in a very bullish but caring way. B never complained about it before. Not until now. I felt like this:

"What??? How the hell you expect me to treat you? Can't treat you good? Can't treat you badly? Can't treat you like how I've been for the past 4 months? I'm jealous? Why the hell am I jealous with certain people??? Hell yeah!!! I am!(sarcastically) What I care? LoL!!!"

That wasn't the most depressing thing. Over the week, B and I somehow got more and more distant. We don't talk to each other much, we don't eat together like we used to and we don't really care. B is doing the direct opposite of what she had promised me. The TRUST between us was BREACHED at that very moment... Well, people change over time. Can't really do anything about that. SCREW IT!!!

The MORAL of the story is simple.
When we come to college, we must realise that all of the people are grown up and is very complicated.(unlike our high school friends that grew up with us) We will never know them well enough. Sometimes when you think that you know your college friend well enough, something will suddenly pop out of no where and proves you wrong! Therefore, to avoid the FREAKING HECK-ish DISAPPOINTING feeling I'm in now, we need to keep our distance when we make friends in college, not to be too close to them. Just be friends. Nothing more, nothing less. You'll feel better.
End of the story.

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