Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have a dream.
Since young my dream was simple, to be well known.
I want the whole world to notice my existence.
So, one day I told dad; I want to be an artist!
Dad told me; you'll only be known when you're dead!

I have a dream.
Then I given up drawing.
I got hooked with a new thing - SCIENCE.
Watching science-fiction movies make me wanna do what the guys do.
I wanted to make robots!
But physics was never my favourite subject.

I have a dream.
Helping people is always a passion.
I feel bad for the poor and unfortunate.
I feel that I have a need to give them all I can.
I decided to do something that can help many people.

Now my dream is finally within reach.
A degree in genetics at one of world's leading university.
I can involve myself in the world of Science.
I can help people with my researches.
Top of that, I can be well known once I make a breakthrough.

The problem is,
I am constantly in insomnia.
What is a dream when you can't sleep?

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