Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hiking/"jogging" @ Pelindung

Woke up at 7.20am.
For the first time over this few months, I woke up so early in the morning. It was really a last minute plan when Yi Hui suddenly ask me at 11pm yesterday night. Was kinda lazy at first but figured that I should do some exercise before this body turns moldy. Btw, I slept at 3am.

Lucky me for hitching a ride.
Yi Hui's the driver. And Kaev, she drives manual much better than you. =P Anyways, Jun Yee tagged along or rather, I was the one tagging on. Back to story, so we set our foot on Pelindung. It been years since I've been there. Its a good day for hiking I would say. Conquered the place in 45 minutes and hung out at the sight seeing spot at Pelindung. Didn't realise the houses look so small from up there. My vision gotten worse. Can't really see the things that the 2 girls see.

Had breakfast after that.
Went to Seng Kong Restaurant. The girls are really tied to their homes. One have been there for the second time. The other prefer her dad to buy her food. =.=".. But yeah, we chatted quite some time. Talked bout the old days and man, I'm envious how some people can be satisfied so easily. Modesty, something I'll never learn in the near future. Or I'm just aiming too high that I'll never achieve.

Cut the crap,
The whole outing was really fun. Especially the sighting of the city. I love this town, but I must leave this place for greater heights.

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