Sunday, February 20, 2011

Work @ Maxis

With all the talks, I finally started working.
I was not really up to the mood to work. However, with Cho eager to work, we went for a job hunt yesterday and gotten a job at Maxis ECM. As any other typical Kuantan job, the basic is quite low at RM 650. We do have commission pay. Well, its better to get paid while stoning at a mall rather than earn nothing rotting at home.

Its the first day of work.
Only now I realise that there's quite a few things that can make my head spin - the different call plans, different data plans, phone specs, etc etc. First lesson for the day - Broadband. And somehow I manage to sell one. Not bad for a freshie! =D

And people, Iphone4 is out of stock!
Don't come knocking the door for it. You gotta wait at least 3 weeks to a month for you. Like it or not, you can't get it from any where else for now. Sulk it up!

Working is sure tiring. =(


  1. rest earlier after working~
    working life is like tat, i nt reali like it>.<

  2. have been rotting for two weeks and still counting.
    haven't make up my mind for working. lol

  3. rotting at home wont get u anywhere girl..