Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This might save your life!!!

Yesterday Kae Vin and I had this freak accident when were going to our usual hangout spot at Teluk Chempedak. Luckily we were safe with only minor injuries.
I figured out that I should post a few precaution steps that might save life of many people.
1. Always wear your safety belts(the safety belt is the only tool that can hold you from flying out of the car or smashing your head on the dashboard)
2. Put your legs on the seat and not under the drawer(front passenger) or at the pedals(driver) when the car is about to crash(by doing this, you can make sure that your leg will not be stuck under the drawer or the steering if the impact of the crash causes that part to crumbled and also prevent your leg from the crushing impact)
3. Put your hands in front of your face(this protects your face from the rain of tiny glass that might cut your pretty face)
4. Close your eyes(to prevent the tiny shards of glass from entering the eyes and cuts the retina)
5. PRAY HARD(Whatever your religion might be... Just pray hard and hope that God will protect you)
These steps might save your life if you ever face a car accident. But still the most important thing is to drive safely, slowly and never panic if anything unusual happens. I sincerely hope that my experience can save life of others.

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