Sunday, May 16, 2010


Q: What's your fav food?
A: CHEE-ken

Q: What's your fav drink?
A: CHEE-ncau

Q: What's your fav dessert?
A: Lai CHEE kang

Q: Name one fruit.

Q: What will you get when you ferment cow's milk?
A: CHEE-se

Q: What will you get when you make prawn brains into a paste?
A: CHEE-n cha lok

Q: What's your race?
A: CHEE-na

Q: When someone provoke you, what would you say?
A: CHEE-s!

Q: When you're comforting someone, what's the first words you'll say?
A: Hey, CHEE-l lar!

Q: Who won the FA Cup and EPL?
A: CHEE-l-sea

Q: Which basketball team did MJ played for?
A: CHEE-chago Bulls

Q: Which CHEE is the best?
A: Esther CHEE Yuen Teng

Happy Birthday to my fav CHEE!!!

Its your turn to be OLD and flabby, Esther CHEE!

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