Sunday, May 23, 2010

Soaring the Skies

I've spread my wings, running down the tracks and off the edge to soar above the clear blue sky...
Looking down at bird eye's view, a question came in mind - am I really flying or plummeting towards the grounds below?

There's an old saying, the higher you go, the harder you'll fall.
I'm aiming for the highest.
Will that make my fall the hardest?

It was a choice that I've made.
Now that I'm at airborne, there's nothing left to worry.
I will not close my eyes in fear of the fall and I will proudly say: at least I've tried.
Its a risk worth taking and I've nothing to lose.
A person who have nothing to lose is as good as a hungry lion.
If I'm going to succeed, there's a chance to say "hi!" to the eagles.

"Flying is no longer a dream, a dream is no longer a fantasy, a fantasy is no longer unachievable"

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