Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

I'm not a Christian.
But I do enjoy some of the Christian celebrations with Christmas being one of them. Each Christmas eve, I would attend some functions or parties. This year, however, I never attend any of those but just simply spend the night drinking (tea, bubble tea to be exact) with some of my friends. It was better than functions and parties.

There were 7 of us.
Saiful, Li Ann, Kaev, Jamie, Qi Ting, Eugene and me. It was a random yumcha plan by Jamie and we called whoever (we think) in Kuantan. Chatted quite some time from 9.30pm to 12pm. It was quite fun to actually sit down and talk with them. We were even shooed away from the shop because its already past closing hour. =..="...

With Kaev having to wait for his dad to fetch,
I invited Li Ann and him to chill out at my house. So, there we were. Talking bout college life, our past times and stuff regarding Christianity (yeah, I'm interested in discussing bout religion). Li Ann really surprise me (again, first time being F5 when she suddenly turned from serious to wacky). This time, she have become Muscle Ann...Her biceps are bigger than mine. =..="...

We chilled till 1.30am.
First time having friends over till so late. It was cool having friends to talk. Especially old ones. This is definitely one of the better Christmas eves I've ever gone through. Its good to have old friends. OLD is GOLD. Too Bad Kayu and Chibi are not around. Merry Christmas guys. =D

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