Sunday, December 19, 2010

Of Taxi Drivers

Have you ever met ridiculous taxi drivers and mat rempits with a few loose nuts?
In case of taxi, this happened to me yesterday when I was going back "home" after my IELTS exam. They have all sorts of excuses to get extra pay.

I was at Perkeliling Bus station and was about to go back "home" at Jalan Ipoh, which is just down the road. So, my friend and I approached the first taxi; the driver refused to fetch us. Then we moved on to the second; the driver act blur and said he is not sure where. Third and most outrageous cab; the driver demanded double the normal price. His reason? Driver 3: "I've been waiting here for 30 minutes. No customer." What the f***? Is that even our fault? Go die please.. We were on the verge of giving up and my friend was about to call for help from friends. However, I decided to give a try to ask the fourth cab. Fortunately, the driver uses his meter.

On board the cab, we chatted with the driver named Zul.
Zul asked us why the 3 cars refused to fetch us. We told him the situations. Zul was really one of the better taxi drivers around town. He criticized the other 3 drivers. Zul: "Tu lah, kita semua pemandu taxi dapat nama busuk sebab driver macam dia orang lah. Mau potong sama customer. Apalah kaitan dengan kamu dia tunggu 30 minit? Itu salah dia tak nak ambik customer." We chatted during the whole journey. Zul even advised us to not support those drivers by snubbing them and taking taxis with meter. He really showed that there is still some responsible taxi drivers in Malaysia.

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