Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

31st December 2010,
People often say, the end of something is the beginning of another.
So, yeah. Many things happened during this year.

Study (or career) wise,
I've taken 2 major exams (AS and A2), applied and gotten an interview from Cambridge, and scored 8.0 for IELTS. I've gotten an admirable result for AS even though I've asked for more. Come to think of it, 3As and 2Bs ain't that bad. I've gone through sleepless nights and some of those nights that I would've just dozed off out of exhaustion. I've experienced fear and anxiety during exams, broke down due to stress, regained my strength, fought for the result I want and finished my college life!

Family wise,
I'm finally back at home from KL. Truthfully, there's nothing better than home. I'm reunited with my family. It's back to the same old days where mom would nag us just about anything. The bond between my family members got closer. Mom and dad somehow enjoys watching movie in the cinema. We do have small fights every now and then. But hey, that's the spice in a family! I love my family. =D

Relationship (guy and girls) wise,
Well, lets just put this short - I loved a girl, given up, like another, given up and got hooked, loving it. For the (just) friends part, yeah, I'm not gay. But I've awesome experience with some of the guys back in college (especially Jian, Kev and dumb boy). Besides, my classmates are just great! Love them all and sad to leave them. Its great knowing all of you! You guys have been there for the thin and thick. =)

To sum things up.
2010 happened to be a very entertaining year for me. I've gone through changes and gained experience. Its a great year and hopefully 2011 will be better. Time is up to bid 2010 a farewell! Hello 2011! New challenges await us! Let's roll!

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