Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One day @ KL

Suppose to post this yesterday...
I went to KL via bus at 8.00a.m. It wasn't the best of bus journey I've had. I didn't sleep the whole night before and had 1 hour of sleep in the bus.

Reached KL at 11.00p.m.
Called Joel Lee(my driver =P) to fetch me. But waited for almost an hour because of a "Leng Nui"(status kept anonymous on request).

We fetched Tze Jian(my soon-to-be roommate) on the way to college.
We reached our college hostel at 1.00p.m.
Guess what???
Its lunch time!!!
So, we wasted one hour at the canteen, talking bout football...
Finally, at 2.00p.m. we went to the office again. The admin was really nice(better than what I've expected). We were given our keys to our room, H107. The room was as expected. Walls with traces of posters pasted on it, NS-styled bed, wooden study table, ceiling fan and light.
Well, I've survived NS anyways...
We was asked to bring our mattress on our own. ><
I'm officially a TARC hostel resident!

3.00p.m., we're done with everything and left.
Tze Jian went to college and we went to eat somewhere at Pudu.
Hmmm... What was the name of the shop again?
Oh, yeah. Its called Wong Si Nai(recommended by "Leng Nui")
The food was nice.
"Leng Nui" ate 2 bowls of rice and Joel ate 2 bowls of rice with whole lot of dishes.
Oh yah, thank you "Leng Nui"!!! For the meal!!! =)
After the meal, they dropped me off at Puduraya Bus Station and went off to shopping. I boarded the bus at 4.30p.m. and reached Kuantan at 8.20p.m.

Joel "my driver" Lee...

Combo Rice recomended by "Leng Nui".

The owner recomended this drink.
Its called "One Night Stand".
There goes my first time... LOL...

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