Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Part-time Work Shopping with Siu Sor Mui

Finally went out with my lil "kai mui" (actually not so lil dy lar ;P)!!!
It was really a last minute thing. (she texted me at 11.43a.m. and we went out at 12.30)
But she trying to nice cause she knew that I was rotting at home and asked me out.

Cut the story short, we went to MS Garden(a hotel) to check out the HELP education counseling. I'm sorta like a spy from TARCollege. Haha... Apparently Sor Mui wanna take A-Level too(Yay!!!) but not at TARCollege... =(

We went to ECM(East Coast Mall) after that.
Had our lunch at Pizza Hut. Slow service and bland food. The pizza was like as if they were baken much earlier and heated upon order. The crust was like overnight toast(yeah, I've tried that). Then, we begin our part-time shopping(I'm not exactly included). Went walking around the whole G and 1st floor, asking every shop we passes by. In the end, nothing. Only a hand full of places dropped down their number and said "we'll call you if we need any part-timers".

Siu Sor Mui can drive already!!! O.o!!!

Bet she'll complain "I looked fat in this photo" when she sees this. x)

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