Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spoilt Day

People often say, water is the beginning for all life.
But how much it spoils the mood when the water just can't stop pouring from the Heavens above non-stop? Its like God just hired a new Rain God that is not used to the job. He keep experimenting with different frequencies of rain for two days already! The sound of the rain drops falling on my extended zinc roof sound like a symphony with all the wrong notes! Annoying it is... Mood spoiler #1... ><

As you can see(or read), my results really sucks...
It was sent to my house this morning... It makes me feel bad for being so unproductive e.g. writing this post, fb-ing, msn-ing, ps2-ing, wasting time... I wanna study!!! But no mood... T__T Seriously sad case... Mood spoiler #2!!!

Apart from being angry and sad, I am BORED!!!
My phone never ring at all, my fb is the same stories all round, and nobody finds me on msn.
This is the worst holidays I ever had... The feeling is worst then being emo like CK... And Last Minute Gang is still incomplete with the two MMU-ians(Kayu and Chibi) refusing to come back to Kuantan earlier...

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