Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yum Cha with Beloved "Sisters", "Mom" and Seniors

Like the title suggested,
I went out with two of my "kai jies"Lisa Jie, Shik Wei Jie, "mommy" Le-June, Annabeth and Ye Hee. Hsien Loong(Lisa Jie's boyfriend) was there too, but with his own group of friends. What can I say? I'm youngest in the group(so proud of that... XD).

It was really a last minute decision to go yum cha(for me).
Lisa Jie and June Mommy had already planned to hang out together. Lisa Jie, Wei Jie and Anna is going back to KL tomorrow. Mwi Jie didn't make it to join us because she was "busy" with someone(Idk who). I've never seen them since ages ago. Thus, there we are, chilling and talking at Red Island Cafe.

It was really nice to catch up with them.
I think they're really awesome!!! Ye Hee just finished his A-Level(I didn't know he took A-Level), Wei Jie and Anna is currently studying at UPM, Lisa Jie is at KPJ doing pharmacy course and June Mommy is at Melbourne. So, yeah, its really a rare chance to see them altogether...

The only two guys are Ye Hee and I.
The girls(from left to right), June Mommy, Lisa Jie, Anna and Wei Jie.

June Mommy looks like Korean/Japanese/in between. =P
Well, she's not old lar(despite Lisa Jie and I calls her "mommy"). She's actually quite petite, cute and not old at all! Her voice can be mistaken as a child's voice... xD
The reason why we call her mommy is because she's the most caring person in our group of friends. I've come to know her in the prefect board. From the first day I know her, she's really nice and take cares bout all her friends and taught me a few things in my life too. Sometimes she kinda nag us but its really for our own good. That's why she's my mommy! =)
p.s: she's currently single(I'm "fatherless"). Good news for the guys in Melbourne!

Lisa Jie is the one that looks like my sister the most.
Because of our skin tone(the healthy skin) is almost the same. She is one of the first few seniors I've come across during form one. We were both in St.John and prefect board. She is the person that guided me most in my early year of being a prefect but she eventually quit. There were once that the teachers thought that we were a couple. Haha.

Wei Jie is the cutest among my 3 "kai jies".
She is a happy-go-lucky kinda person. She was the person who cheers everyone up when the mood is gloomy. In my years at SABS, she was always there to give me advice and cheer me up. Together with Mei Jie(yeah, I have sisters that are twins) and Lisa Jie, they really brightened my days. Can't imagine my life without them!

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