Sunday, December 6, 2009

Outing with Larrisa and Lerina

Went out with Larrisa and Lerina today!
As their name suggests, they are sisters. Leri is the elder one. We went to Mega to watch Ninja Assassin - staring Rain(I'm not a fan).

I arrive at Mega at 1pm to find Fennie Lai(aka my Heng Dai) for lunch.
Mana tau her break is at 2pm! So, I went walking everywhere around Mega. I walked to the the main hall to find Bao Chien just to chat the time away... Instead, I've end up meeting Lum Chan Kien and Jeshua Ku...

To skip the details, we talked a while, Jesh and I went to buy the movie tickets.
When we wanna go for lunch at 2pm, Jesh suddenly say he gotta go back home. So, left only Fennie, Lum and I. Fennie was so obsessed with McD, we have no choice but to follow her. Leri and Larri came at that time.

After lunch, Fennie and Lum went back to work.
Leri, Larri and I went to the cinema at 3.30pm for the movie. I didn't know Larri is afraid of blood... It was really a wrong decision to watch that movie - there's many fighting, killing and blood spilling scenes. But I must admit, her expressions are much interesting then the movie - she's so funny!!! She's like covering her eyes but left gaps between her fingers... XD

After the movie, we went "gai gai" around Mega.
Watched the dance competition at the PC Fair, not really nice in my opinions. Leri and Larri went back home at 6pm... So, I lepak-ed around both halls to chat with Fennie, Bao Chien and Lum till 7pm. Went for dinner with family after that...

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