Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2nd Post for This Year

I've just started my 2nd sem for a week.
Everything are back to normal college life and I've moved in to the hostel. The hostel ain't bad at all. In fact, its kinda fun because many of my friends are there. My roommate aka classmate aka Chin Tze Jian are great too. We might seem to be from different worlds(one from a care-free dimension and the other from an intense one) but we somehow can get together well. Sometimes we can create a "study aura" around each other when either one of us starts to study. Or simply said, I'm kinda embarrased when he's studying so hard and I'm still slacking off.
For the past 10 days,
I've been doing almost the same things each and everyday. During the week days, I've to wake up early in the morning to go for class. My sem 2 schedule is really a pain. Classes from 8am to 3pm daily. After class, I'll go back to hostel and wash clothes or sleep. Wake up at around 5 or 6pm. Have dinner. Then back to room and study. It may sound lifeless but its okay. Just a year. It'll pass real quick.
Yesterday was lil bit off the course.
I volunteered to help out in the 2010 January intake. There were nothing much to do though. I was assigned to be one of the 20 facilitators to bring the juniors around and play games. In the end of the day, my team, the Omanese(I assume Oman is some middle-eastern country, idk) got 2nd. Just a point off the first spot.
I'll post some photos the next post cause I didn't bring my M2 USB Stick with me.

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