Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yesterday night was fun.
Its a Friday night and I'm chilling with Jian, Kev, Cynthia aka Monkey aka Boom boom pow, Mimi and Ivy in my room. Cynthia was sitting on Jian's bed while the others on mine. We were chatting and Jian went to take his shower. When he came back, this is what happen:
Jian(talking to Cynthia): If you want sleep then you sleep lar. Just lie down lar.
Everyone laughed.
Cynthia(in a half sleeping, sitting position): Why want me to sleep?
Jian: Nolah, you look very tired mar. You sit like that very seductive.
Everyone laughed loud loud.
Cynthia: Where got seductive?
Jian(looking at Physics practical book): I shall look at my book. Can't look at you.
Actually what Jian meant was that Cynthia looks very tired and he's just offering his bed for her to sleep.

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