Sunday, January 31, 2010

Elle's Sweet 16

Well, this is one of the oddest birthday party I've ever attended.
First of all, its my lecture-mate's little sister's birthday. And I only know 2 person out of the whole bunch of people there - Elle(The birthday girl) and her sis, Denise(My lecture-mate).

Once again,
I had to take the LRT(Its now officially my most trusted public transport) all the way from Wangsa Maju to KLCC and wait for Denise to fetch me. We were suppose to meet at 5.30pm... And like I always say "never trust Malaysian timing", Denise came at 6.30pm with her mom driving(thank God for that)... =P

Before Denise come to fetch me,
I went for a teddy bear hunt around KLCC and ended up fruitless... I passed through a stall that sells tiny bolsters but never realised until I've done walking up and down on both side of KLCC... I was walking through the last time and stopped to look at the bolsters... I was planning to get something bigger but there were only small bolsters... One particular bolster(with a teddy head with a sweat mark on its forehead) caught my attention and I bought it immediately without thinking...

We arrive at Hard Rock Cafe at 7pm.
It was my first time going there. I'm not from the jungle! But it just happened that I've never been there... The place is really nice with lots of decoration of a variety of band photos, guitars and costumes... And a really got chatty environment with lots of "mat salleh" too! Elle was busy with her friends and I gave her the bolster telling her "it looks like you when you're angry and you can strangle it when you're angry!"...

Elle promised to layan me but her sis was doing her part...
But too much because Afiq(Denise's boyfriend) was there too... He's a fun guy to hang out with - he craps the craps, sticks his face into the cake just for Elle, very outgoing and likes to say "chi pek"... XD I've met a few new friends like Nick, Jimmy, Zy(she's a Chinese/Japanese mix), Sam, Iman and a few more which I don't remember their names... We had fun talking bout stuffs like language, why guys cant check out girls when the girls feel normal to check guys out, stories and simply just crap.

The food was okay.
Afiq claimed that he can cook better though. Who knows? He might be... After all, he's doing Hospitality at Taylors'... After the meal, Elle took a shot of tequila and got a bit "light headed"... She keep on stressing that she's okay and she's not drunk when we didn't say anything. One of her friends asked her "4x2 equals to?" and she answered(after thinking for some time) "4 lar...".. Then another asked(while pointing at the teevee) " is this a television or a microwave?". Elle responded "MICROWAVE??? Of course its a tv lar... I'm not drunk, okay?"..

We left sometime after that.
Elle walked like having a tail between her legs... She told us that "the flowers are BLOOMING"... XD Denise even said "Yeah, your flowers are BLOOMING". Elle said(while touching the flowers) " I know right???" and gave us a BIG SMILE... She was so cute! =D While we were walking to the Afiq's car in the car park, Elle asked "why cant we take the elevator? I'm lazy to walk lar..."... Afiq fetched us back with his car. He was really nice and kept apologizing bout the messiness of his car... Elle was like "my head is so light!!!" and whenever I look at her, she'll say "I'm not drunk!!!"... Afiq dropped me off at Jelatek LRT station and I came back to the hostel...

It was really a cool experience... I had a lot of fun talking with them... =)

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