Monday, March 15, 2010

Alice in Wonderland 3D

Its a Sunday and my parents ain't around!
Yup, that means I OWN the teevee, laptops, ps2, fridge, the house and the car... x)
I didn't do much except tweaking my bro's laptop and bought my bus ticket in the evening...

Went to ECM with my sis to watch movie...
Along with Cho and Sean.
We watched Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It was nice cause its my 1st time watching movie in 3D. It wasn't what as I've expected but overall its still good. Johny Depp did a great job in his character as the Mad Hatter but should have been much more mad-ier...

Anyhow, we went to yc at TC(as usual).
Where else to go when you're at Kuantan?
Once again Cho was the party spoiler. He wanna go back home right after the movie. And Fei Sin fong fei gei again. We were suppose to drink ice kacang at TC. The peddler is thinking that she's such a successful peddler - she have great ego, bad attitude and often get the orders wrong. We sat there for 30 freaking minutes and she got the wrong drink for us. I'll personally recommend that we'll just have ice cream at McD. Saves time and money.

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